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Your call is very important to us

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We all know the pain of being put on hold. However, this ill-fated flyer had to wait a whopping three hours before his issue was resolved. The problem in question? He wanted to refund a mere two plane tickets. Little did he know that the call would take up most of his afternoon… probably costing him double in phone bills.

A crime against pizza lovers everywhere

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We hate to admit it, but this cutting method does make sense, as it keeps all of the pepperoni on each slice. However, there’s just something that’s aesthetically displeasing about the cut, with mismatched sizes of pizza being the stuff of foodies’ worst nightmares.

Even pockets are sexist

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Clothing designers fail to see that women, as well as men, need functional pockets. For some reason, women’s jeans are a mere portion the size of male equivalents. If anything, women need bigger pockets , as they tend to carry around more items than men!

A late penalization despite being early

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This college lecturer might want to go back into education, as he doesn’t seem to quite grasp the concept of “late”. The student in question submitted their work 13 minutes before the deadline. Despite this, the lecturer claims it was uploaded on a last-minute basis, reducing their grade due to their apparent tardiness.

Wash up or throw out?

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This is the epitome of laziness. Instead of washing up their dirty dishes, this roommate instead bags them all up and throws them away! Worse still is that the roommate in question didn’t actually purchase the dinnerware – so he’s throwing away his housemates’ belongings.

There’s no privacy in public

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When fans heard that Justin Bieber was dining on a street sidewalk, they flocked to get a glimpse of the superstar. In fact, so many people turned up that security had to get involved. As you can see, Bieber wasn’t enthralled by the reception, wishing to simply eat his lunch in peace.

A care home charges $3k a month… And serves this for lunch

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Three thousand dollars is no small sum. You’d expect seniors to be taken care of for that steep figure but, instead, the poor residents get served gruel at lunchtime. It’s a sad fact of life, but it appears as though the elderly are never properly taken care of, instead being treated as second-class citizens.

Pay me to receive your package

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The nerve of some people! This neighbor took in a package – a normal occurrence. What isn’t normal, however, is then opening the package, and then using most of it up! Even worse is that they offered to sell off the scraps, not knowing that the person they sent the letter to was the original buyer. So much for neighborly love, huh?

Sexism at its finest

Credit: u/sciencemint via Reddit

Look at the difference in how this woman was spoken to by a car washer! In the first instance, she dropped the car off solo, resulting in a flirtatious text from the business. The second time, she brought along her husband, with the owner deciding to send a more professional response. Women deserve professionalism at all times, not just when other men are on the scene.

A price tag that left a foul taste

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Guess how much this salad cost. $3? $5, at a push? Nope, this abysmal meal set the buyer back a whopping $10. With a bed of plain, limp-looking lettuce, a sorry serving of carrot and one abysmal slice of tomato, it’s hard to see how the restaurant justified the hefty price tag.

Tip our drivers… But not too much

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Woah, woah, woah! Are you trying to do a good deed? Not on their watch. Despite delivery drivers relying on their tips in order to make a living, this company refuses to let customers tip more than 50% of their total order. A strange choice. Surely it should be up to the consumer how much money they’re willing to part with?

Let’s stay friends… Just make sure you eat less

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Imagine receiving this message after going on a date. This man says that his date in question ate too much, that it wasn’t ladylike, and that she’ll probably be overweight in the future. Honestly, it seems as though Diamond dodged a bullet. She’ll be far better off without him.

The mail malady

Credit: u/CashmirFunk via Reddit

This is one neighbor you certainly don’t want living down your street. They opened this person’s birthday card simply because they were curious, then offered some half-felt birthday wishes. Knowingly opening someone else’s mail is actually a criminal offence, so hopefully they think twice before they do it again.

This boss seems like a real stinker

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This manager seems like the worst of the worst! Instead of keeping their nose out of their employees’ toiletry habits, they demand that they use other loos if they need to go for a number two. You can bet that this boss will be the type to complain if their employees take too much time off of work premises.

One product, two prices

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Many people prefer to shop in person, trying to keep their favorite local stores from going under. Sometimes, however, it’s impossible, as this shopper found out. This ethernet cable cost almost $74 to purchase in store, whereas it cost a mere $9.33 to buy online, having it delivered to their front door. With a $60 difference, it’s easy to see why people shop online.

Amazon’s so-called price reductions

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Be careful when shopping on Prime Day! The online giant claims that they offer many of their goods at reduced prices. However, this shopper discovered that many of their deals are lies, with the price reduction being entirely made up by the corporation. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Mowing moaner

Credit: u/mahelke via Reddit

There’s nothing worse than neighbors who stick their nose in your business. This homeowner let their lawn grow a tad, due to raising two young children and his wife becoming hospitalized. Despite this, he received complaints from his street. The letter-sender never approached the person about the state of their yard, choosing to send a passive aggressive message instead.

Think of all the germs!

Credit: u/jbird2525 via Reddit

There’s just something about carpeted bathrooms that put most people’s skin on edge. Not only are they unsightly and outdated, but they also harbor lots of bacteria, least of all from any stray traces of urine. This bathroom is the worst of the worst, with the material even coating the bath itself!

Why did you cancel my free flight?

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This hacker has some nerve. Instead of paying for his own flight, he hacked someone else’s bank account. Then, when the victim noticed the outgoings and immediately canceled the flight, the hacker had the nerve to email the participant and ask why the flight was terminated!

The queen of the queue

Credit: u/dontreadonmebitch via Reddit

This woman was leaving a hefty gap in the queue, claiming it didn’t matter when she moved to close the gap. Alas, that isn’t quite the case. If everyone else queued like this, the line would stretch across half of the airport, getting in everyone’s way! Obviously, this woman is too self-centered to realize the consequences of her actions.

A not-so-great depression

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When you think of the Great Depression, you think of a fractured country with impossible living conditions. Well, it appears that the state of the States is actually in a far worse position than it was all of those years ago. A depressing sight indeed to witness worsening living conditions.

Want fresh air? It’ll cost you

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Despite students in the UK paying well over the average in fees, it appears they can’t even open a window without incurring extra costs. For health and safety reasons, the windows at this student dorm must remain closed at all times, only being opened in an emergency.

Messy motoring

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When you allow someone to borrow your car, you expect it to be returned to you in the same condition. Unfortunately for this motorist, her partner returned it covered in litter – all amassed over just a few short days. One or two stray bottles is forgivable, but this? This is worth breaking up over.

A felled landmark

Credit: u/Meeksala via Reddit

This world-famous tree in England had stood since the late 1800s, witnessing both of the world wars. Unfortunately, its demise came with the whim of a 16-year-old, who cut the ancient oak down with no clear reason. The teenager was ultimately arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

The true quantities of candy

Credit: u/majecaps182 via Reddit

We’ve all thought that our least favorite flavors tend to fill up the packet, leaving the best tastes to fall by the wayside. This isn’t a coincidence, candy companies purposely put less of consumers’ favorite flavors in their bags to encourage you to buy more.

UPS strike again

Credit: u/404forlife via Reddit

When you order a product online, you expect the item to be treated with care. Unfortunately, UPS don’t seem to share the same sentiment. They delivered this music fan’s vinyl… before bending it out of shape and shoving it in their mailbox, making the item completely unplayable.

No staple? You get a zero

Credit: u/DimitriTooProBro via Reddit

Some teachers are led by their egos, like this one right here. Because their pupil failed to staple their assignment together, they gave them an absolute zero. A harsh grading system if there ever was one. Surely all of their hard work shouldn’t have gone to waste over mere stationary?

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

Credit: u/Kaytlyn5 via Reddit

Many websites will falsely edit images in order to generate more clicks. This image of Hugh Jackman’s wife is a prime example. Instead of using the actual photo, Snapchat decided to edit the image in order to make her look overweight, whilst coincidentally sharpening up his muscles too, forgoing morals in favor of revenue.

A rude awakening

Credit: u/CulturedClub via Reddit

Although this photograph looks as though it was taken in the middle of the day, it was actually snapped at 3am. The source of that blinding light? Their neighbor’s flood light, which illuminates their garden, bedroom, and office throughout the entire night. Talk about being inconsiderate.

Fired for his loss

Credit: u/MursalMir via Reddit

How cruel can you be? This poor soul was fired from his professional esports team because he wanted to reschedule his flight due to his dying mother having a stroke. Instead of showing sympathy, the board had a meeting behind his back, before informing the player that they’ll be continuing without him. How heartless.

Cinema cellphone

Credit: u/Akirex5000 via Reddit

When you go to the cinema, it’s expected that you respect your fellow movie lovers. Not this gentleman, who sat through the whole film with his phone on maximum brightness. And they say that it’s the youth of today who are addicted to their cells…

$61 to stay here! There’s just the small matter of the cleaning fee…

Credit: r/mildlyinfuriating via Reddit

Airbnb offer some great spots for a vacation, usually at reasonable prices. Not this location, however, as the cleaning fee came in at a whopping $245 – more than four times the cost of the place for just a night! With a cleaning fee that extortionate, you’d be tempted to make a huge mess to simply get your money’s worth…

Good luck using that hula hoop…

Credit: r/mildlyinfuriating via Reddit

You’d think that a specialized workman would know what he’s doing. Unfortunately for these tenants, though, that just doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead of moving the hula hoop out of the way, he instead decided to install a new cable directly through the object, leaving it trapped there until the end of time.

A lot of experience for little pay

Credit: u/deathly-couver via Reddit

Many employers seem to be out of touch with the real world. A Master’s degree requires years and years of study, resulting in the student becoming a master of their craft. To be offered a mere $15.29 for this worthy experience is almost insulting!

This debate is no yolk

Credit: u/mgf1439 via Reddit

A man and his spouse found themselves walking on eggs shells over, well, egg shells. The wife claims that keeping broken shells in the case is a normal thing to do, while he argues that they should immediately be thrown away. Of course, throwing them away seems like the most sanitary, logical choice.

I’m divorced, so refund my wedding pictures

Credit: u/WealthyBigPenis22 via Reddit

When you pay for a photographer, you’re paying for their time and effort. This ex-bride demanded that their wedding photographer refunded the cost of the photos simply due to her impending divorce, claiming she “didn’t need them anymore”. Why not ask for a refund from the wedding venue? Or perhaps for the cake, too?

These jarring jars

Credit: u/badassmamabear via Reddit

It’s common knowledge – don’t open another jar until you’ve used up all of the already open one. Not for this woman’s husband, apparently, who constantly opens new jars of jam, regardless of how many he’s already prized open. Not only is it wasteful and costly, but it also encourages the growth of mold. Yuck!

Leaky lids

Credit: u/EchoJXTV via Reddit

This man’s wife may have seemed like the best woman in the entire world – that was, until he moved in with her. Then, he discovered that she never properly fixes the lid back on bottles, resulting in a fridge that’s filled with leaking milk.

You’re hired! Welcome to your new office

Credit: u/fresh-spinach via Reddit

This man bagged what he thought was the job of his dreams. That was, until he saw the office cubicle he’d been assigned. With deep-set stains on both the chair and the floor, it’s already a glaring red flag for the company – before he’d even started his first day.

Thanks for the free gas!

Credit: u/I-Was_Never-Here via Reddit

It’s common decency, if someone loans you their vehicle, fill the gas tank up before you return it. This guy obviously missed the memo, returning the truck back to his brother-in-law with mere fumes. Using most of the gas is insulting enough, let alone leaving the truck stranded on the drive.