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Label, label, label!

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How can you expect to have an organized home if you don’t know where anything is? Rather than meticulously writing out your own labels, you can purchase them online – covering every household item imaginable. Get organizing, and get sticking! Your house will never be the same again.

Elastic bands are your friend

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Storing tall bottles can be a nightmare. They always seem to fall out of place, scattering themselves amongst your cupboards. Not with elastic bands! Simply wrap two bands around your container, ensuring the width matches your products’. Now, they won’t be able to go anywhere.

Use paper trays

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These items don’t have to be used purely for stationery. Consider transforming them into a handy hair-kit, keeping bulking items like hairdryers nice and organized. Better yet, you can carry the entire tray over to the mirror, containing everything you need to get ready for the day.

The ‘drop it in’ system

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This hack is pretty straightforward. Can you drop the item in question back to its original place once you’ve finished using it? If not, you may have some moving about to do. Everything in your drawers should be as accessible as possible, reducing unnecessary time spent rummaging through your belongings.

Put your bedsheets in a pillowcase

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It can be difficult to find the matching pillowcase to your bedsheets, with the small linens getting lost in a swarm of fabric. Instead, fold your duvet cover up, and place it inside of the corresponding pillowcase. This way, you’ll have a matching set that’s ready to go every time you change your bed.

Use a smart toy bin

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These things are a lifesaver. When your child is finished with their toys, simply place them on the yellow fabric. With a quick lift, all of those LEGO bricks will tumble into the storage bin, keeping them out of sight – avoiding any painful nighttime missteps. If you can’t find a smart toy bin near you, use a blanket and a storage container for the same effect.

An egg-cellent way to store your makeup sponges

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Tired of your makeup sponges rolling around in your drawer? Simply use an egg holder! These plastic (or cardboard, if you want to be more eco-friendly) trays are the perfect size for all of your sponges. They keep them firmly in place, while preventing your drawers from being coated in a layer of foundation.

Double up on hangers

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Stop rummaging through your closet for matching outfits. Instead, pair them up to begin with by using a can tab. It’ll keep all of your corresponding outfits together, saving time spent searching through endless fabrics. This will also free up some wardrobe space, making it a win-win.

Store clothes upright

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We’ve been doing it wrong all of our lives! The best way to store clothing items is vertically, with any central designs proudly on display. This way, you can see each and every garment at a mere glance, saving yourself from endlessly rummaging.

Shorten your wires

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It seems as though we spend more time untangling the wires for our hair straighteners than we do straightening our hair! To combat this, get two thick rubber bands. Find the length of cable you need each time you use the product, and snap the wire in place. This will save precious minutes each time you go to use the product – minutes better spent styling your locks.

Make your own jewelry stand

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If you’re into organizing, you’ve probably come across shelf dividers before. However, they have more use than just keeping your cupboards tidy. Instead, install them upside down in your closet. The hooks provide a makeshift jewelry stand, keeping all of your necklaces and accessories neatly on display.

Keep your pantry simple

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Forget the fantasy of having a perfectly organized kitchen filled with aesthetically-pleasing containers. While these tubs may look nice, they’re not practical. After every shopping trip, you’re giving yourself extra work – opening the product, pouring it in, then finding a place for the excess. Skip the unnecessary steps, they only slow down the organizing process.

The one minute rule

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This is simple – if a task is going to take you a minute or less to complete, do it. Whether it’s emptying the dryer or putting the dishes away, get cracking – your future self will thank you for it. Doing this consistently will result in a home that’s clean and tidy with minimal effort.

Repurpose your glasses case

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Don’t throw away any spare glasses cases – reuse them! They can be repurposed as a handy on-the-go makeup kit, featuring all of your much-needed daily products. The hard outer shell protects the contents within, all while keeping stray products firmly out of sight, resulting in a tidier home.

Double your storage capacity

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When you’ve finished boxing up your belongings, don’t place the lid on top. Instead, flip it over. Now, you’ve got an extra layer that can be filled with more of your possessions. The lid will stack perfectly on top of the box, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Hang your mugs

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Consider installing some hooks in your cupboards. They’re cheap and easy and can save you a lot of space in the long run. Not only will you be making the most of vertical storage, but all of your mugs will remain within reach. Plus, it’ll make cleaning your cupboards easier!

Box your fridge

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Instead of letting those pesky sauce packets flippantly flop around your fridge, consider using storage containers. These handy little trays can keep everything nice and organized, all while ensuring they’re still within arm’s reach. Pair it with a rigid item, such as a carton of milk, to ensure that everything stays in place.

Store more spices

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Short on cupboard space? Get yourself an under-shelf spice rack! These handy pieces of kit can store an extra five large jars of herbs and spices – saving you invaluable space. Better yet, the contraption folds in on itself, meaning it’s only visible when you need to use it.

Separate your pot lids

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It can be tempting to store your pot lids upside down, placing them in their potted counterparts – they fit so well, after all! However, this can lead to your drawers becoming stuck. Instead, line your pot lids up in a row separately. This will ensure that they won’t get lost, but they also won’t get in the way.

Double your shoe storage

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Shoe storage is one area that’s often overlooked in the world of organization. To maximize your space, get two compression rods. Place them in your shoe cupboard, and stack your shoes vertically. This way, you’re getting two layers of space, all while encouraging ease of use.

Arrange books by color

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Organizing books is an age-old topic. Should it be by height, size, or genre? For the most aesthetically pleasing appeal, it should be none of the above. Instead, you should order your books by color. It helps to give your bookshelves a sense of unity, making them a statement as opposed to an afterthought.

Odd socks, begone!

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Tired of rummaging through your sock drawer, only to be met with endless spares? Then start fresh. Throw out all of your old socks, and buy a new bunch. Here’s the key – ensure all of the socks you buy are identical. This way, if you ever lose one in your sock-eating washing machine, you’ll never be left with mismatched socks again.

Never forget your keys

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Sometimes, organization is as simple as giving an item a designated location. If you’re always losing your keys, consider using a small decorative bowl, placing it next to your front door. That way, you can easily pop them into the dish whenever you return home, never having to question where you last left them.

Hang your paper towels

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Having your paper towels standing on your kitchen countertop can make the entire room look cluttered. Instead, consider purchasing a small rack to hang the item from. Not only will your paper towels be easier to access, but it’ll free up your workspace, alongside making your kitchen look just that touch more chic.

Keep tables clear

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Don’t put anything on top of your living room table – not even that coffee table book you think will impress your friends. You want it to be clear, using it as a centerpiece to show off your new tidy lifestyle. At most, you can put a couple of coasters on there for your mugs – but leave it at that.

Consider placement

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When organizing your home, carefully consider where you’re placing items. For example, you should ensure that toilet roll is in the bathroom, and that frequently used objects are at the forefront so that they’re easily accessible. Practicality should always come before aesthetic, after all.

Baskets are your friend

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A great way of disguising any unsightly items is to use baskets. These storage units are chic, simple, and elegant – perfect at hiding any faded labels or worn packaging. These baskets can also be effective when placed on top of your kitchen cupboards, keeping your home tidy yet stylish.

Organize by season

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There’s no need to keep your winter coats out all year round. Instead, place them in storage (ideally under the bed), making room in your closet for all of your summer gear. That way, you can have a quick and easy switch around when the colder months come calling.

Cover storage boxes with fabric

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You don’t want unsightly bottles constantly out on display. Instead, cover them with a piece of fabric – a nicely designed dish towel will do the trick! This way, all of your cleaning products are still easily accessible, but they won’t drag down the overall appeal of your home.

One in, one out

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If you want to live a minimalist lifestyle, consider adopting the one in, one out methodology. If you buy a new shirt, donate an old one to charity. Got some sparkly new kitchen gear? Give your old stuff to a neighbor in need. This way, you’ll never be overrun with unnecessary belongings, making your home much easier to organize.

Use clear containers

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If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage options, consider using glass containers instead. This way, all of your stuff is easily accessible, without being an eyesore. Glass jars are the best choice, bringing an edge of class and style to your home.

Avoid drooping garments

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It happens all too often – you go to reach for a top in your closet, and the darned thing slips off the hanger, falling into a swarm of clothes. To prevent this, simply wrap your hangers with a couple of elastic bands. This way, your clothes will remain in place – no matter how much rummaging you do.

Store your plastic bags

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Most of us have a big plastic bag that stores all of our other bags, a bulky thing strapped to the back of a door. To save some precious space, instead opt for an empty tissue box. Fold your plastic bags up into tiny little squares, and slot them in. Easy access, without the big and bulky bag.

Use clear containers in your fridge

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Where possible, remove all packaging when putting items in your fridge. Then, invest in some clear containers. This way, every ingredient you own will be on proud display, making cooking that much easier. It also encourages more frequent fridge cleans, as you’ll be able to see any traces of dirt or waste.

Downsize your spices

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Even those little spice jars can take up precious cupboard space. Instead of having your pantry filled with half-empty phials, pour them into Tic Tac boxes. They’ll take up far less space, all while being super easy to pour. Just ensure you label them so you know what’s what.

Maximize dead space

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There are untold ways to make use of empty space in your home. Put up more shelves, hang items from the sides of cupboards, or put more hooks on your doors. Get creative, and you’ll be surprised at how many areas of your home you’ve neglected for so many years.

Block clutter

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Sometimes, no matter what you do, there’s clutter in your home. Instead of having these chunky bits and bobs on display, cover them up. Whether it’s by placing a large photo frame in front of the area or by using meticulously placed potted plants, there’s always a way to hide your odds and ends.

Work with your family’s habits

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If your loved ones come home from work or school and immediately kick their shoes off, install a shoe rack in the hallway. If they’re always dumping their coats over the back of a chair, put up a coat hook nearby. This way, they won’t have to alter their habits too drastically, and you won’t be left pulling your hair out.

Do regular storage checks

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Just because you’ve already organized your entire home, it doesn’t mean your work is over. In fact, organization is a constant, thankless task. Do a weekly check of your drawers, cupboards, and closets, checking that your family members haven’t put them in disarray. The sooner you fix it, the less fuss you’ll have to deal with later down the line.

Garbage bag therapy

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Once you’ve finished reading this article, grab a plastic bag. Then, go around your home with the sole intention of filling the bag with things you no longer need. Whether it’s outdated dried goods, unused utensils, or unloved cosmetics, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the bag fills up.