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Wash it around once a week

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Curly hair is naturally prone to drying out, so frequent washing is a bad idea. The natural oils that build up on hair are healthier than you think, but also trap dirt and debris which can be bad for the scalp. Washing around once a week will help you strike a balance between bouncy curls and scalp health, both of which are essential.

Use products catered to your needs

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This applies to all hair types, but cosmetic science has blessed the world with a huge selection of products for tailored specifically for curls. Try to find a moisturizing shampoo to help combat dryness, and remember that styling products are your friend if you want to make the most of your locks. Add mousse to towel-dried hair for hold curls and get rid of frizz.

Style for your texture

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Deciding on a style to suit your curls is all about paying attention to their thickness, strength and tightness. You can simulate these with product, to some extent, but the way your hair naturally falls is important to consider when deciding on a length and trim. Thicker hair is stronger and can hold bigger looks without being weighed down.

Let your curls enhance your features

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The spiral nature of curls often draws the eyes down, following the line shape. You use this to your advantage when styling to add shape to your face, accentuating your cheekbones and framing your jaw. You can also use it to draw attention to your shoulders, or a gorgeous necklace you want to show off.

Pay attention to your ends

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Curly hair is prone to split ends, and these will make whatever style you settle on a little less refined. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you should consider a regular appointment to trim off those untamed hairs, or just learn yourself! Before you rush to the kitchen scissors, consider buying a pair of small feathering scissors to keep everything in check.

Ditch the brush

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Most standard brushes will do nothing but damage to curly hair. To get rid of tangles, use a wide-toothed comb that can get the job done with much less hassle. Remember to take your time and brush from the ends up to the roots. If your hair is naturally thicker, you can use this opportunity to build some volume.

Avoid using hair ties


Credit: The Pineapple Experience via PexelsTraditional hair ties can actually be quite unhealthy for your hair, particularly if it’s extra curly. They put a lot of stress on hair follicles and can be abrasive. Scrunchies are generally a better option as they are made of smoother materials like satin, and their size means they need less tension to hold everything in place.

Don’t use heat

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As mentioned, dryness is the enemy of curly hair, and blasting it with hot temperatures is only going to make the problem worse. Heat is a generally good thing to avoid without appropriate protection products. For drying, consider using a towel or cotton T-shirt and begin styling while still damp.

Use slightly more product than you think you need

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Due to their density, curls need a longer time with products for you to really get your money’s worth. You should use enough shampoo to get a squelchy sound and give it time to soak in. This goes for styling too, use a little extra mouse to help your hair get the bounce you want, and add moisturizing masks after shampooing.

Know your environment

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One of the most useful things you can do for your hair is to know what’s affecting it. The temperature, humidity, air pollution, and chemicals in your shower water can all damage your curls over time. Look up what conditions your hair has to deal with and what products or vitamins you can use to help counter them!