1. Xoloitzcuintli

Source: boryagin1 via Getty Images

This dog, better known as a Mexican Hairless Dog, is one of the rarest dogs out there. They have been employed as watchdogs or just simple pets for humans for over 3000 years, which is around the Aztec times! It’s unsure as to why these dogs are so rare, however it’s probably because they’re a pure breed and their aren’t many breeders of the dog breed itself!

2. Chinese Crested

Source: American Kennel Club

They may look weird, but that’s why they’re so easy to spot! They look nothing like other dog breeds due to their spotted but hairless body, and shaggy mane. They are extremely affectionate and loving dogs, with a playful side to them, making them the perfect family-friendly dog. They’re especially good for those who don’t like a shedding dog, as this breed hardly loses any hair!

3. Komondor

Source: Adobe Stock

Komondorok are the breeds full name and they are a sight for sore eyes! They have a distinctive coat of fur and their bodies often weigh around 100 pounds! They are an extremely powerful breed, making them super agile. But they still have a soft side to them, and we aren’t just talking about their fur! They’re the perfect family companion with both tenderness and vigilance.

4. Borzoi

Source: National Borzoi Club

The borzoi breed is known as the Russian Wolfhound and were once the go-to breed due to them being the prized pet from the Romanov family for hunting. They avoided extinction during the revolution due to English and American dog breeders importing them to protect them. They’re known for being calm, proud and cat-like.

5. New Guinea Singing Dog

Source: New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation

The New Guinea Singing Dog has it’s main feature in its name – their ‘singing’. Yep that’s right, if you got this breed they would sing to you, but maybe not in the way you’d like! They have a distinct voice which is similar to yodelling, and if there’s multiple singing dogs, its more like a chorus of howling! They’re extremely rare and often live in the wild in the New Guinea Islands.

6. Alaskan Klee Kai

Source: Getty Images

Have you ever seen anything cuter than a Siberian Huskey? Well a Alaskan Klee Kai may well just be cuter! This breed of dog is much smaller and more domesticated than a Huskey, however they are know to have the same energy as a Huskey – which is a lot! This means a lot of exercise is needed to be able to properly provide for them.

7. Carolina Dog

Source: American Kennel Club

This extremely rare dog breed is believed to have gone to North America and domesticated by Native Americans for centuries. The Carolina Dog still lives in the wild in South Carolina and Georgia. But if you do want one as a pet, be careful as they are known to be very cautious around new people until they view them as part of the pack.

8. Brussels Griffon

Source: CaptureLight via Getty Images

If you don’t instantly fall in love with this rare, pinched face once you see it then there’s something wrong! However, don’t get your hopes up, this breed is so rare that you probably won’t ever see them! But Brussels Griffons have been around in Europe for years, despite almost dying in World r War 1 and 2! These dogs are highly sociable and needy as a pet.

9. Bull Terrier

Source: Evelina via stock.adobe.com

This dog breed is probably one of the most unusual breeds you will ever find. Their funny egg-head and tiny eyes makes them seem really cute but then you see their muscled body and it becomes confusing! But Bull Terriers as a pet are loyal, energetic and super-loving towards their owners.

10. Gerberian Shepsky

Source: Caedmon Michael

Gerberian Shepsky’s are the perfect mix between a Germain Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. Both breeds are extremely smart and independent, however this breed owns the German Shepherds fur colour, patterns and brains. And then the traits the breed has from a Husky are its appearance, patterns and beautiful blue eyes. This breed is a loving family pet, however it desires a lot of exercise.