The best part of any given day is when you finally get to relax and eat. Wouldn’t it make sense that the highlight of your day, the part when you get to unwind and replenish your energy, is when you and your S.O. go out for dinner together?

Below are reasons why dinner dates are important, fun and always enjoyable for couples…

#1 Sync your meals, sync your life.

Each day revolves around three meals, so to be able to coordinate one with another person is huge. It’s a fantastic thing to reserve just for each other.

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#2 If you can watch each other eat, you can pretty much watch each other do anything.

If you feel comfortable stuffing your face in front of your S.O., what else could you possibly have to hide?

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#3 More food, more wine.

There’s not a shred of doubt that couples who drink together, stay together. Alcohol fuels the fire to fights, and it’s what brings out your wildest sides. If you can get through all of this and stay together, what’s stopping you from getting through everything else?

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#4 People who spend money on experiences tend to be happier.

After all, life is about adventure and creating memories, right? There’s actually science to back this up, seriously.

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#5 You will likely never run out of restaurants.

You may have seen every movie released this year, but you definitely haven’t eaten at every restaurant in your neighborhood.

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#6 It doesn’t matter if you can cook or not.

Maybe the kitchen isn’t your favorite room at home, but that’s okay! That’s what eating out is for, right?

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#7 You get to see how your S.O. treats others.

Always remember: A person who is not nice to waitstaff is generally not a nice person.

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#8 You both need to eat.

No matter how ridiculous your schedules are, you will always need take time to eat. This gives you both the perfect opportunity to take a break from reality to enjoy a meal together.

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#9 You create a bond over it.

You might not agree on much, but you can definitely agree over what appetizers to split!

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#10 It’s something you will both get excited about.

You may have done absolutely nothing exciting all day long, but that doesn’t mean your evening has to be miserable too. Use dinner as a perfect excuse to do something fun.

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#11 You can make it an adventure, even if it’s across the street.

The atmosphere in a restaurant are quite different than that of your kitchen. This is especially true if your kitchen is lacking in food!

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#12 There is always a couple out there that is worse off than you are.

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching a couple fight or have an awkward date to make you feel more secure in your own relationship. This might not be the best method, granted, but you can’t say we don’t do this from time to time.

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#13 Eating different cuisines is like traveling the world without breaking your budget.

It’s as if you’ve been teleported to Europe without ever having to whip out your passport or see TSA.

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#14 Dressing up gives you a perfect excuse to look good for each other.

It’s far too easy to quickly get comfortable in a relationship. Not much time passes before you have traded in your nicer outfits for sweats and fancy shoes for sneakers. Sometimes, it’s just nice to just have a dressy night and get that spark where it needs to be.

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#15 You can more easily discuss things in a civilized manner.

If you need to broach a difficult topic, it’s much easier if you have a rhythmic media for communication. That way, you can always feel safe to bring up a topic. Plus, you’re in public – how bad can it get?

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#16 You expand your relationship by trying new things together.

It’s so much easier than trying things on your own, now isn’t it?

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#17 There’s no cleanup! Enough said.

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#18 You’re spending your money together.

Isn’t this the best way to spend those hard-earned bills?

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#19 It reminds you of your first date.

Sometimes just a romantic dinner is all that is needed to bring you back down memory lane.

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#20 Relationships are always better when you’re dining out. Right?

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