At quite a young age, women learn a very important lesson. They learn that things are very different in life for men than they are for women. They learn that there is one rule book for a man and another for a woman. These rules runn right throughout all areas of our lives from dating to marriage to parenting.


You learn very early on that often men underestimate women and that women are a lot braver than they are given credit for.

The harshest lesson you learn is that it is seen by men as less important for a girl to be smart and driven and more important to be pretty, ditzy and walk around with a big white smile accompanied by glossy lips.


You learn that a great deal of what society teaches you is wrong and that it is not the colour of your hair or your bra size that REALLY matters. Instead it is the vibrancy of your intellect, your ambitions and your personal achievements.

As you start to learn these lessons and understand just how special you really are, you can start to set some goals and make yourself some very important promises. These promises will help guide you through the difficult path we call ‘life’ helping to ensure you make the best of every situation that comes your way.

You promise yourself that you will not just sit back and be walked all over. You will fight back, fight harder, laugh louder and slap sexism in the face. You make yourself a promise that you are a strong force and not one to be messed with.

You deserve the very best that life will throw you way. You DESERVE everything you want from life. Most of all you deserve to be happy, healthy and to love each day more than the rest.

For all those girls still learning about the differences between men and women. For those steadily trying to navigate their way through those muddy waters, we have compiled our list of promises you should make to yourself and never break.

1. I promise to love my body. I will respect it and look after it. Treat it with kindness and feed it with the appreciation each and ever day.


2. I promise to accept myself for who I am. I may be able to change the odd thing about myself but I promise to love me for who I am.

3. I promise to always be true to myself and never to try to be someone I am not just to please others.

4. I promise to make mistakes. Lots of them. I will go down many wrong paths but most of all I promise to learn from these mistakes so I don’t repeat them in the future.

6. If I do make mistakes, I promise to forgive myself. There is not point in beating myself up for doing something stupid. To move on I need to forgive.

7. I promise to speak my mind when I feel it is important to do so. I promise to ensure my opinions are heard because they are so important and a big part of what makes me, me.

8. I promise never to settle for anything less than I deserve.

9. I promise to remember there are men who will love me for my body and men that will love me for my mind. I promise I will not settle until I find a man who loves me for both.

10. I promise to love and nurture my brain. To feed it with literature, movies, song, music and anything else my heart desires.


11. I promise to give people a chance if they seem genuine. Even if it is scary to do so, I promise to step outside my comfort zone if there is a chance it could lead to my eventual happiness.

12. I promise never to feel  limited or objectified about the fact I am a woman. I will always remember that being a woman is  more than enough.

13. I promise to always keep in touch with my family. If only for a 5 minute call for a quick chat a couple of times a week. Keeping close to my family will be my top priority.

14. I promise to always be proud of my achievements, no matter how small they may seem.


15.  I promise never to let sadness drag me down. I will learn to forgive and forget so I can always be in a position to move on and keep going no matter what is thrown at me.

16.I promise to cry my eyes out overtime someone hurts or lets me down. I will find myself the time to get over it in my own space and time. If Netflix and ice cream are required, I will provide myself with both as required. And I will not feel guilty about it.

17. I promise to put on my short dress and lipstick if I feel I want to without worrying it being seen as me asking for it. I promise to celebrate my shape and my curves.

18. I promise to show patience when it doesn’t all go my way. I will remember life i a journey and it all comes together bit my bit rather than all at once.


19. I promise to allow myself the opportunity to be jealous. To sit with it and to ask it questions but never to be governed by it. I promise to see it as room to grow and not the concrete tied to my ankles, holding me down.

20. I promise to make plans for tomorrow and today and for three weeks from now. I promise never to stop planning, always to want something more, always to plan for something greater and bigger and more exciting than the things I know today.

21. Most of all I promise to love. Always. It is the one thing I will never be under control of but I promise to embrace it when it comes along.