When you see couples in the heat of the moment in the movies, it seems their 100% focus is on each other and how amazing the moment is. I think we would all like to think we are the same, but sadly there are those times when little silly things pop into your mind and you just can’t help it.

No matter how hard you try, just as you are really getting into it, something totally random pops into your head and kills the mood completely. Here is a list of the top 25 according to our Facebook Fanpage.

1. Wait, WHAT just happened in Game of Thrones?!


2. I wonder if I change position to some hot movie style move, it will give me a better view of Game of Thrones?


3. Why is this so painful?


4. Why didn’t I admit it hurts when he just asked me. Now I have to pretend it’s all ok. Oh.


5. What shall I have for dinner tonight? Chinese I think.

giphy (1)


6. Oh not I have Chinese tomorrow with my dad. Curry it is.

7. OH NO I just thought of my dad for a split second. MUST ABORT.


8. OK I have told him how to do it like 5000 times. Why is he still not doing it?


9. It is getting very close to somewhere it is NEVER allowed to go inside.


10. I think I’m going to fa rt.


11. All I can think of now is holding in this damn fa rt. *thinks about dilemma for 17 seconds*


12. Just a minute. If this finishes soon, there is still chance to watch X Factor.



13. Wait, is there a chance this is going to give me cystiti s?

14. Phone beeps… Who texted? My last tweet was really funny, I bet someone has retweeted it.


15. Wow that actually feels great. I wasn’t expecting that.


16. I hope the toilet roll doesn’t stick to my privates. That would be embarrassing.

17. My dog is watching me. How can I go on with my dog watching?


18. Oh now the dog is coming closer. Oh no I hope he doesn’t try to do anything gross.


19. I hate it when my bo obs fall into my armpits when I lay down?


20. I wonder if my boyfriend hates that about me.

21. Oh no he is going to try to shoot over my armpit bo ob.

22. Oh no my face. He better not get it in my eye again.


23. Oh no he has me onto my hands and knees. Belly fat is going to hang down and my bo obs will look like cow udders. Fantastic



24. I cant believe I just did a fan ny fart.

25. Screw this, I’m going for a wee.


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