Some of the faces that we see here on these foods are just priceless. One thing is for certain; they do not want to be eaten! Would you feel guilty eating them?


1. “C-c-come on man… I thought we were buddies.”

2. This eggplant was ready for this day.

3. I think these guys hand no idea this day was coming.3

4. I guess this carrot figured he could hold on as long as possible.4

5. This veggie is making a break for it.5



6. These eggs are wondering why you are drooling.6

7. C’mon can’t you just buy some fries at McDonald’s?7

8. This noodle is screaming its last words.8

9. Even those faces won’t save you from the inevitable. 9

10. This cake doesn’t understand how sweet murder can be.10

11. This buckwheat had no idea today was its last.11

12. This cookie is trying to remember what it did to you.12

13. This candy bar was expecting beaches and sunshine.13

14. The top part is wondering why the bottom is so happy.14

15. You have betrayed me!15

16. The light bulb just came on for this poor pickle.16

17. “You are better than this” said the hot cocoa.17

18. This pie knows its time is short.18

19. This pasta is hoping for the best.19

20. This Oreo just found out why you had that glass of milk.20

21. You monster please don’t crack me open.21

22. Would you like a nice bowl of Spaghetti O-God-Whys?


23. This cheese thinks you should become a vegan.23

24. “Maybe you should sober up a little before making this decision”, says the drink.24

25. This apple knew this day would be coming soon, but not this soon.25

26. This bread knows that you two could come to some terms.26

27. This bird thought that these things only happen to birds in horror movies.27

28. But this crazy onion isn’t worried about death.28