If you want to instantly turn a guy off…If you want to really make him uncomfortable…If you  want to make him run a mile…If you want to know the Holy Grail of the worst thing to say to a guy…

There are three little words you should know about. The three words every guy dreads to hear are “I Look Fat”

Try to think of the worst thing I guy could ever say to you. Things like “I love your sister” or “I slept with your cousin”,  and multiply it by 10. Mix that in with watching a full weekend of football on the TV and doing his washing and you may get somewhere close to how much men despise these 3 words coming from their loved ones mouth.



When a guy hears his girl say “I Look fat” it can mean only one of a number of things.

1. She is fishing for compliments

2. She doesn’t like herself

3. She has actually gained weight

Either way the guy will feel really uncomfortable and he really doesn’t want to hear any of these things. You may think a guy should be there for you no what ever you say but there are some good reasons guys just want to run when the topic is raised.



  • When you say “I look fat”, he feels helpless

  • He knows the rest of the night is ruined

  • You are planting a seed of doubt in the guys mind

  • It can make the guy feel insecure


So next time you feel the force to say those three little words to your man, bite your tongue and say “lets go out” instead.


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