Credit: boredpanda

1. Korea


Well, isn’t this one of the most neatly presented school meals you’ve ever seen! There are 6 different compartments for each different course of the meal – it’s almost like a tasting menu! The meal is basically guaranteed to make the children feel full afterwards, they won’t be rushing home for a bag of crisps after they finish!

2. Moscow

Credit: sharksalad

Now, where to even begin with this monstrosity. If this is Moscow’s version of mac & cheese, then we don’t want it. I mean, why is it super glued together? The only good thing about this meal is that it’s actually served on a proper plate, not a paper plate – but that’s most likely because a paper plate wouldn’t be able to hold the weight of this concrete slab

3. UK


I’m not sure what’s worse about this, the fact that this is meant to be a hotdog, or the fact that the filling doesn’t even reach the end of the bread. I mean, the ratio of bread to filling is preposterous! I can just imagine the kids being super excited to hear that there’s hotdogs for lunch, and then being served with the disappointment. Also, why are there just random cucumbers there? Are they to act as the kid’s ‘5 a day’?

4. Germany


You could find this at an actual restaurant and it’d be worth the money – let alone having this standard everyday for your school lunches! A burger and sweet potato fries would go down as an absolute treat! Sign me up to a school in Germany!

5. Bamako, Mali


Yes, this school really does offer it’s children fried donuts for lunch. And yes, this sounds like every child’s dream to eat fried donuts every lunch time. However, the reality of this is that the children aren’t getting the necessary food groups that they need, which means that most children actually go home to eat.

6. Beijing, China

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This meal is quite different to what we’d be served here in the states. This meal consists of meat skewers, mixed vegetables, rice and then lotus root in the top right corner. I personally haven’t tried that before, however if it’s served at a school, where there are potentially fussy or intolerant eats, it must be a food that’s quite normal in China.

7. Japan


It’s safe to say that Japan knows how to feed it’s kids! These portion sizes are huge, with lots of rice and mixed vegetables to accompany the main meal. Along with this, the students are served half an orange and then a carton of milk to wash it down. I hope these students realise how lucky they are with this meal!

8. Columbia

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This plate is perfect for those who don’t like their foods touching. And the tray is filled with fruit and vegetable – perfect for a growing child! This ensures the kids are getting enough energy to keep them going throughout the day… lets just hope they don’t refuse to it due to the lack of dessert!

9. Bueno Aires


This food is very typical Argentinian food. The plate consists of potatoes, to fill up the students and give them energy to burn throughout the day, and then they are accompanied with a delicious, freshly made empanada, filled with thin slices of meat inside! If you ever go to Bueno Aires, be sure to try this classic dish!

10. Havana, Cuba

Credit: Franklin Reyes via AP

In Cuba, there is a huge range of different options for the school meal. Firstly, there’s a portion of rice accompanied by a chicken croquette and a piece of taro root. Then, there’s yellow pea soup and some fried plantains, and then finally the students each get an orange drink to wash it down. This is a very well-rounded meal!