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Never skip your meals

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Do you constantly find yourself downing a bag of chips or cookies? And then constantly feel like your hungry? Well, you don’t feel hungry due to a lack of willpower, in fact if these binges are happening on busy days when you ‘forget’ to eat lunch, then you may need to change up your diet. While skipping meals seem like the easy option to cut down on carbs, it will actually cause you to eat more later on. So, instead, consider having smaller, filling snacks.

Never forget to drink water

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Not drinking enough water can have a negative impact on the metabolism as well as your appetite, according to Alexandra Miller. Studies have found that people respond to their thirst inappropriately by eating instead of drinking, due to the same part of our brains controlling both urges. When you’re hydrated, your stomach should also feel fuller, which will fend off felling hungry more.

Never cut out entire groups of foods

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You shouldn’t punish an entire food group as a dietary villain, this can cause dangerous impacts (unless of course its for something medical like being lactose intolerant). For example, yes, eating too many refined flour foods can spike your blood sugar, however this doesn’t mean that all carbs have the same effect. In fact, whole grains are rich in energizing B vitamins and digestion-slowing fiber!

Never fall for the health halos

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Marketing claims will always get in the way of weight loss – whether it’s a ‘sugar-free’ label or pointing out the foods vitamins and minerals; you need to make sure you read the labels if you want to lose any sort of weight. The thing is, when dieters see the words ‘organic’ or ‘gluten-free’, they tend to misjudge how many calories are actually in them. Therefore, dieters will indulge, leading to 131% more calories being eaten then they intended to.

Never eat whilst watching TV

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Whether the big game is on whilst it’s dinner time or not; press pause and prioritise your dinner! Experts find that when your mind is distracted by other things when you eat, then it will block certain satiety cues from alerting your brain that you are full. Therefore, watching TV is a distraction from this process, and you will end up eating more calories than your body needs, which will then be stored as fat.

Never go it alone

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You’ve finally decided to change your life for the better – good for you! Now go spread the news! Sharing your goals and ambitions will create a support system around you and uou’ll have people who can keep you accountable for your goals. It’s easy to mindlessly scoop another spoonful of ice cream into your bowl, but you might think twice if you have to justify this extra spoonful to your family members around the table!

Never dine while you dash

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In a rush? Don’t pile your food into your face. If there’s one change you should be making this year; it should be to extend your lunch break by at least 20 minutes. Experts have found that it takes around 20 minutes of time for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re fill. So instead of dining and dashing, eat your food slowly in order to get fuller quicker – therefore eating less food in the long run!

Never forget to exercise

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Weight loss programmes that include exercise in the routine have been found to be significantly more effective than weight loss and improved health than diets without a recommended sweat session. It is recommended that an exercise routine that includes both aerobic and strength training is increasingly effective in order to lose weight.

Never go too hard too fast

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It’s great to switch things up into a new exercise routine, but don’t hit the ground running! If your body isn’t used to working out on the regular, then you may be more likely to injure yourself. This goes the same for dieting – you could injure yourself emotionally if you set up an unrealistic diet plan without having any experience in dieting beforehand. If you bite more than you can chew, then you may find yourself giving up easier and never getting the results you desire.

Never slack off when it comes to beverages

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Yes, we know, dieting usually relates to food – but that doesn’t mean you can just disregard what you are drinking also! Processed juices, sugary sodas, and sweetened teas are full of calories and can do major damage to your waistline. However, it’s not just the calories that can pack on the pounds, studies have also found that out bodies don’t register liquid calories like it does solid calories – as a result, we may end up drinking more until we feel full.