There is a new craze sweeping the internet. The idea is to take an old family photo (as embarrassing as possible is good), and then when you are grown up, try to recreate the photo. To excel you must have the same backdrop to the image and ideally be surrounded by the same people as were in the original shot.



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Extra points to finding the same wallpaper and even the same wash basket on this one.

Childhood-Photo-Recreations-9-934x 2818-620x BpGwSlL-934x 2025-934x



The hulk looks almost the same in both shots.


This one went viral last year all over the net. You will most likely have seen it before.

Childhood-Photo-Recreations-30-934x 35Ine-934x 2csTm-934x CR8UMRG-934x

If that is the same tortoise, I a well impressed.

pets-before-after-14-934x 1035-934x jAXDg-934x aBmyvIQ-934x mWAR2bn-934x

Almost the same shirt, same jumper and blanket. 8/10


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