Morgan Freeman – Amount unknown, Mississippi


Morgan Freeman has a net worth of a whopping $200 million, so it’s no question that his house would be incredible also. Freeman owns a 124 acre property in Mississippi, and with the sheer amount of money he has made, it’s clear that he won’t have to worry about paying off any mortgages. However, his homeowner’s insurance is most likely quite significant.

Wesley Snipes – $10 million, New Jersey


Actor, director, producer and author, Wesley Trent Snipes owns a $10 million modest house with his wife Nakyung Park in New Kersey. His house has a swimming pool, home cinema and office. However, considering all of the amenities within his mansion, he most likely couldn’t apply for a home loan to purchase another mansion.

Ellen DeGeneres – $45 million, California


Everyone knows who Ellen DeGeneres is, whether its from The Ellen Show or voicing Dory in Finding Nemo. However, what many don’t know is that there are actually rumours of her divorcing her wife Portia De Rossi after she put her spectacular 10,500 square-foot house in Montecito, California on the market. The property consists of 6 bedrooms and bathrooms, a media room, a pool and many more!

Rachel Ray – $4.69 million, Southampton


Rachel Ray is a well-known chef, TV personality and author. She lived in Southampton and put her home on the market for $4.69 million. No doubts that this beautiful house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool and a suitable chef with 2 kitchens, will 100% sell quite quickly. It is a great property in a great location, but we are left questioning where will Rachel move next?

Blake Shelton – $3 million, Nashville


Blake Shelton is a country music sensation and a coach on the popular TV show The Voice. When he went through a painful divorce after being married for 10 years, his divorce lawyer advised him to put their Nashville home on the market. They lived in a 5 bedroom apartment that had unique, eclectic decor from multiple centuries – it’s absolutely beautiful!

Will Smith – $42 million, California


Ironically, Will Smith, star of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, used to live in a mansion actually in Bel-Air. However, he now lives a huge house in Calabasas. The area that surrounds his house is so huge that is actually has its own zip code! The property has a tennis, basketball and golf course, a huge garage, a recording studio and numerous home security systems (of course, it is needed).

Clint Eastwood – Amount unknown, California


With a net worth of $375 million, its inevitable that movie director Clint Eastwood went big with what house he was going to own. Therefore, he’s purchased a historic Mission Ranch in Carmel, California. He stated ‘the first time I saw the place I thought it was terrific’. The place is famous for its lush wetlands and scenic coastlines.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – $3.4 million, Florida


Dwayne Johnson has quite literally done it all; wrestling, acting and even singing. He owns numerous properties, including a 13,000 square Florida mansion that he purchased for $3.4 million. It consists of 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a fully equipped gym, a home theater, a pool and a jacuzzi. It sounds like a dream to live in!

Reese Witherspoon – $20 million, L.A.


Everyone loves Reese Witherspoon, but what’s more to love is her beautiful mansion. She owns a $20 million home in Los Angeles, that has plenty of living space with 3 guest suites, each with their own master suite and private living room. The property spans over 10,000 square feet and has a screening room, full gym and an infinity pool – sounds like a luxurious hotel!

Vanna White – $47.5 million, Beverly Hills


The legendary Vanna White has been the host of Wheel Of Fortune ever since 1982, so it’s no wonder she has earnt some true millions whilst being in the business. However, in 2017, she listed her Tuscan-style home in Beverly Hills for over $47 million! We aren’t even sure why she’s selling it, it is an absolutely stunning home!