Man with a crush on a woman, hiding flowers behind his back
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Whether you’re crushing on a guy and hoping that he feels the same or wondering if someone likes you, it can be hard to tell. Not every man wears his heart on his sleeve, that’s why it’s vital to watch a guy’s behavior and look for signs that he likes you.

1. He wants to communicate with you

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If he’s reaching out to you without being prompted whether it’s by hitting up your inbox regularly, texting, or approaching you with an excuse to talk, then it shows that you’re on his mind. If he’s also displaying some of the other signs on this list, then he may well like you.

2. You’re a priority to him

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Is he a great listener who responds to your messages quickly, cancels his plans to spend time with you, and generally puts you first? It’s a solid sign that he might have a thing for you as people don’t tend to prioritize individuals that they don’t genuinely like.

3. You’re getting a lot of praise

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Sure, it’s possible that he’s just trying to be nice or that he’s just a player who’s trying his luck. But it’s also the case that he might genuinely think you’re great! If he really sees the good in you, then won’t be able to help but say positive things.

4. He keeps looking at you

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If you’ve already checked that you haven’t got something stuck in your teeth, or toothpaste on your top, and he keeps looking at you, then it may be a sign that he likes you. This is especially true if he keeps looking you in the eye.

5. Lots and lots of laughter

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Are your jokes suddenly the funniest thing ever? If he seems to be constantly giggling away, even when you’re not trying to be funny, you might think that he’s just mocking you but this may not be the case! If you can make him laugh, it’s likely that he’s genuinely into you.

6. He tries to look presentable

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Is he going the extra mile to look good? Whether he’s recently started wearing shirts, putting on cologne, or just started wearing something other than his old hoodie, if paired with other things on this list, it could well mean that he likes you.

7. He seems to be smiling more

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If he’s got a spring in his step, a positive outlook, and a beaming smile on his face that reaches his eyes, then he might feel happy to be around you. This is especially true if he smiles more around you compared to other people – extra points if others notice!

8. You’re the center of attention

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Do you feel like you’re the center of his world, that he always seems attentive, and listens to you when you speak? Often, we focus on what we like, so if you feel like you’re the only person in the room when you’re together – you could be onto a winner.

9. He shows physical affection

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Is he finding excuses to be physically closer to you, touching your arm or shoulder, or offering hugs? If his physical attentiveness is paired with a few of the other indicators on this list, then it is highly likely that he has a thing for you.

10. He messages you first

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Many people get anxious about messaging someone first, as they worry it comes across as needy or desperate. Him messaging first shows his confidence in pursuing you and is a good sign that you’re on his mind a lot! Even better if he instigates phone calls, video chat, or anything beyond just texting.

11. He asks meaningful questions

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Getting along through small talk is a good sign of compatibility, but if you find he often tries to probe a little deeper by asking personal questions – it might mean more. Asking how you’re feeling, what your goals and ambitions are, or any future plans shows he is interested in getting to know you beyond a surface-level relationship.

12. He mirrors your behavior

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The concept of mirroring comes from neurolinguistic programming, a mostly bunk pseudoscience that does contain some nuggets of truth. People really do tend to unconsciously repeat the behaviors of those they are trying to build a rapport with. If you brush a hand through your hair and he follows in a few seconds, he’s deeply engaged in the conversation.

13. He teases you (within reason)

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This holdover from the schoolyard never really goes away. People are playful with those they are interested in, but he doesn’t have to bully you to get attention. A positive sign is his teasing you over small things and not pushing them too far, showing an aspect of emotional intelligence that suggests he’s doing so with good intentions.

14. He listens to your recommendations

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If he actually follows through and listens to songs, watches movies, or checks out services that you recommend to him, this is a good sign he respects you and your opinions. If he enjoys them and engages with you about them, this is a great sign he feels as though you’re compatible with him.

15. He doesn’t talk over you

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Men are sometimes prone to trying to dominate the conversation to assume the leading role. If you notice he spends your conversations actually listening and digesting what you say while waiting for his chance to add to the conversation, it shows he respects what you’re saying and is engaging you as an equal.

15. He develops in-jokes with you

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In jokes are a great sign of a burgeoning connection between you. As silly as they may be, they’re a private moment that you share with each other, filled with laughs and smiles. They represent a very intimate form of friendship, and once you’re there it’s sometimes only a couple of steps away from going somewhere.

16. He wears nice colognes around you

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This is a classic aspect of male courtship. Most men will have one or two scents they go for on special occasions, or when trying to entice someone. If he always smells fresh and expensive when he knows you will be around, it could be a deliberate choice.

17. He remembers small details about you

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Ask yourself what kinds of things you would expect a partner to remember. Details like your birthday, names of family members, favorite drinks and meals, or your allergies, are all small enough to come up naturally in conversation. If you find he remembers these aspects of your life and asks about them, it’s a sign he is listening to you intently.

18. He’s asked if you’re single

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A fairly obvious wink and nudge, anybody asking if you are single is a sign of attraction. It’s not always a positive or even welcome kind of attraction, but it remains true that if he has inquired about your love life, it is probably because he would like to be a part of it.

19. He does things for you without being asked

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Small acts of kindness go a long way in revealing how somebody feels about you. If he brings you a coffee or snack without having been asked to, it shows he cares and thinks about your needs. The more personal the good deed he does, the better the indication of how he feels about you.

20. He speaks to you with sincerity

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Beyond all the jokes, flirtatious banter, and witty back and forth, one of the key indicators he sees you as more than a friend is that he can engage with you with all barriers and innuendos aside. If he is willing to show you sincerity without needing to deflect or hide with irony, it’s a very strong sign of his attachment to you.

21. He invites you out

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This doesn’t have to be a candlelit dinner on a gondola to mean something. Just him wanting to spend his free time with you is a good indication, but the venue and activity will clue you in on how he sees you. Are you just a bowling buddy? Or could you be his crazy golf crush?

22. He gets jealous of other men

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This can be a bit of a red flag, but if he seems withdrawn or tense when you are engaging with other men, it’s likely because he wants to pursue you as more than a friend. That being said, jealousy, while natural, is a volatile emotion. Pay attention to how he handles these emotions before trying to instigate anything.

23. He tries to impress you

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There are infinite ways men try to impress women. It can be done through appearance, skill, strength, financial responsibility – the list goes on. Him trying to stand out and stick in your mind is good, as it lets you know what he thinks his desirable traits are and how he likes to demonstrate them.

24. He angles his body towards you when talking

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This is an old piece of body language wisdom that strangely holds up. When people are interested in who they are speaking t0, they tend to adjust their shoulders and head to face them directly, without shifting how they are sat or stood very much. This creates a motion that is easy to spot and can be understood as a sign he’s into you.

25. Pay attention to eye contact

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Bare in mind here, you’re not looking for him staring into your soul – you probably don’t want that anyway. In natural conversation, eyes wander all over the place for all sorts of reasons. The only trustworthy information to keep in mind is that, if he’s relaxed around you, you should see a good mix of eye contact as well as regular breaks from it.

26. He interacts with you online

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Everybody could benefit from reminding themselves that social media is not real life. However, it is often unavoidable and can play a big role in pursuing romance. Being online friends doesn’t mean anything, but him interacting with you via comments, DMs, or liking your posts is a pretty solid sign he likes you.

27. He talks about you to other people

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If he reaches this stage, he is almost certainly interested in you romantically. Men understand that by mentioning a close female friend more than a handful of times in the group chat, they run the risk of some light roasting and jabs about finally asking her out. Assuming this is respectful, it’s a very promising sign for the near future.

28. He takes your side on issues

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While a yes man can be bad for your development, him taking your side on important issues is a good sign he has an interest in you. If he is compassionate and listens, gives constructive suggestions, and offers to help if you need anything, it’s safe to assume he holds you in high regard and wants to be closer to you.

29. He gets along with your friends

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We tend to gravitate towards friend circles that share common interests and personality types, so a man who finds it easy to get along with your friends is demonstrating that he shares those traits with all of you. It is also a clear sign that he is putting in the effort to learn and understand more about you by interacting with you in different settings.

30. He doesn’t mock your beliefs

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Plenty of people hold superstitions or beliefs that aren’t exactly scientific, like astrology, healing crystals, or even religion. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and not belittling things he doesn’t like or understand is a good sign he holds an open mind when talking to you.

31. He asks for consent before touching you

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Physical touch is often one of the first things we notice when dealing with a crush. It’s where things go from words to actions, and it can tell you a lot about how he feels about you. His asking for consent before contact, even if it’s slight, shows he cares about your autonomy and doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

32. He comes to you to ask for advice

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Him being your shoulder to cry on is a sign he cares for you, and the same is true of the opposite. Him trusting you enough to be vulnerable and confide in you shows a deep emotional connection, and that he puts your guidance above others. If he’s asking for advice on what to get for his wife’s birthday, however, that’s an obvious bad sign!

33. He encourages you to pursue your passions

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Showing an interest in your hobbies and passions is one thing, but when he starts asking about them in more detail, perhaps he wants to be more involved with you. If he tries to help you improve, or suggests new opportunities for you, it’s a sign he really cares about your well-being and happiness.

34. He does things he doesn’t like for you

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Him loving a TV show you suggested implies that there’s some compatibility between you. Him hating a TV show you suggested but watching it anyway to make you happy implies a lot more! Mainly, that he is ready to invest time into getting to know you better and doesn’t mind putting your needs first.

35. He doesn’t worry about the small things

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A good attitude to have towards relationships is enjoying what you do because of who you’re doing it with – this extends to friendships and everything in between. If he doesn’t mind double texting, doesn’t complain about where you both go, and doesn’t stress about spending ‘too much’ time together, he clearly has a positive outlook about you two.

36. He tells you he misses you

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This can be a huge one. ‘I miss you’ is the ‘I love you’ of casual relationships, and it can be daunting to say because of those implications. It’s pretty clear why, when he starts to enjoy his time alone less than he enjoys his time with you, you’re already moving on to the next steps of the situationship.

37. He doesn’t look at his phone when he’s with you

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Everyone likes a quick glance at their phone screen now and again while around people, it lets you know the time and if anyone liked your cute new coffee mug. That has become second nature for most people, but if he doesn’t even do that, let alone start scrolling Twitter or messaging friends, then you truly have him captivated.

38. He gets a little bit awkward around you

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It can be really hard to tell the difference between awkward out of interest and just plain awkward, and misinterpreting it is only going to make things worse. If he doesn’t close up completely and continues showing other signs mentioned, he’s probably just shy around you because he likes you.

39. He compliments things other than your appearance

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Being told you look stunning is wonderful, and while he should be doing that too, if he really likes you he will find deeper parts of you to admire. His complimenting things like your sense of humor, your intelligence, or any artistic skills or hobbies, all show that he sees you as more than just eye candy.

40. He tells you he likes you

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Yeah – duh! ThiHe s one is obvious, but the devil is in the details. There are a bunch of ways a guy can tell you he likes you without actually saying that. If he says something along the lines of ‘I like spending time with you’ or ‘I love hanging out’, ignore the actual words and focus on the sentiment – he’s telling you he likes you.

41. He calls you cute pet names

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Some men incorporate nicknames or pet names into how they speak naturally, so pay attention to what he calls you and when. He might be calling everyone in the office darling or mate, so it wouldn’t mean an awful lot if he does the same for you. However, you getting your own special word of affection is a sign he sees your relationship as special.

42. He pays attention to non-verbal cues

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He’s not going to be reading your mind and preemptively tending to all your needs, sadly, but he will be sensitive enough to your signals to try and help. If he can tell when you would rather change the subject, or if you’ve been having a really tough day and need somebody to listen to you, he’s clearly paying close attention to your body language.

43. He wants you to be a part of special occasions

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While asking you out for a drink or a meal is obviously a great sign, when he wants you involved in his big life moments, he sees you as more than a friend. Him inviting you along to religious celebrations, family events or birthdays show that he values your presence, and trusts that you respect him and have his best interests in mind.

44. He doesn’t worry about how others view you two

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These kinds of a little more than friends but less than lovers’ relationships tend to cause some speculation from others. It could be co-workers or family giving you a little shoulder nudge. A great sign is that none of it bothers him in the slightest, as this demonstrates his confidence in where you two are and what he wants.

45. He likes a little healthy competition

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If the two of you are naturally quite competitive people, this showing up in your relationship is a great sign. We often develop playful rivalries out of some sense of affection and admiration. Having little bets between you and comparing each other’s Wordle scores gives you both a chance to be playful and smarmy, which is at the heart of good flirting.

46. He notices your niche interests

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Everybody has something that they are a little bit too into. This is worth celebrating, your interests make up a huge part of who you are and how you spend your time. His noticing these, especially without being told, means he’s paying close attention to what you bring up. Even better if he wants to engage in them with you!

47. He never makes excuses to leave

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Sometimes, he really will have places to be so it’s better to accept that fact now. However, if he puts off small things in favor of extending his time with you, or doesn’t mind putting things on hold with other people over you, these are great signs you are becoming a priority to him.

48. He never leaves you on read

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While there are several reasons we all forget to respond to messages, there are probably some people you make an effort to respond to quickly without even noticing. The same will be true for them! If he seems to never leave you hanging for too long, or at least communicates when he’s going to be busy, you know he thinks highly of you.

49. He doesn’t mind taking his time with you

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A strong sign that his feelings for you are genuine is that you never feel rushed or compelled to spend time with them. Impatience can be a sign of passion, but it’s also very short-sighted. If he doesn’t mind meeting you at a pace you’re comfortable with, this shows he understands that these connections take time to build-up.

50. He doesn’t mind going goblin mode around you

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This is internet slang that boils down to being silly and in some small sense, self-indulgent. It’s about embodying the spirit of mischief and embracing chaos, which is why the trend took off. It’s deeply human to go goblin mode, so when you can spend time around each other looking hideous and eating junk food, you know its real.

51. He becomes more confident around you

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Spending time around people we love tends to draw us out of our shells. When you don’t fear dismissal or misunderstanding, you naturally become more open and confident around those you like. This isn’t an act, like putting on a macho air of bravado, it’s a mostly unconscious process that occurs as you learn from those you respect and develop as a person.

52. He doesn’t hassle you over money

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The simple secret to handling finance in dating, which all normal men have discovered, is that if you like spending time with someone, offer to pay because you can and you want to. Over time there will be plenty of return treats, so it’s going to even out. If he lets you write off that $3.50 mocha, he puts your time over money.

53. He offers to help you move

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Now that men no longer have to wear loin cloths and hunt mammoths to survive, many turn their talent and desire to lift heavy objects into a force for good. Moving is incredibly stressful, so him throwing his hat in the ring and volunteering, even if there’s a little bit of caveman instinct, means he’s willing to go the extra mile for you.

54. He confirms he’s single

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One of the very first signs he’s into you will come from how he talks about his relationship status. An immediate confirmation that he is single, even a low-key remark, will be made very intentionally. He will want you to think about him as a potential partner as early as possible so he can start putting in the work.

55. You get the feeling he wants to say something to you

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These moments only last a couple of seconds so you have to be quick to notice them. Do you ever get the sense he was about to say something… but then it drags out just a couple of seconds too long, the atmosphere feels a little strange, and suddenly the topic has changed? This is usually a sign he wants to make some big moves.

56. He doesn’t disappear after sex

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Sex, while a good sign of a healthy mutual lust, doesn’t necessarily mean he really likes you. Before you’re sure of how he feels, the idea of sex can be daunting, but these things happen and will at least show you how he reacts afterward. If he handles you with care, emotional reassurance ,and maturity, that’s a great sign this isn’t a one-off.

57. You can (playfully) get under his skin

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While it can be a good sign that he sometimes teases you, how he reacts to your clap backs is very important. If he takes it as well as he gives it and doesn’t feel personally insulted, this shows his emotional maturity. It also takes understanding and empathy to roast each other without crossing the line, which makes it a great indication of compatibility.

58. You’re the first person he thinks of for anything

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Somebody asks him if he knows anybody who needs a spare couch? That would be you. If he’s struggling with something at work and really needs a hand, it’s you he goes to. If it sometimes feels like you’re living in an episode of Seinfeld with all these wild social scenarios showing up on your doorstep, it’s just a sign you’re all he thinks about.

59. Pay attention to how he handles his masculinity

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Due to the complex nature of society’s relationship to masculinity, both positive and negative attitudes could be signs he’s into you. If he doesn’t mind ordering a daiquiri at the bar or letting you paint his nails, it shows he confident in his masculinity. If he treats femininity as a threat, it could that be he ties it to his desirability to you.

60. You ask him what his type is and get absolute waffle back


Love Island knows the ‘exactly mah type on papah’ conversations are cryptic and full of riddles. That’s because it’s difficult! It’s hard listing off traits of attraction to somebody who fits all those traits, without just describing the gorgeous face in front of you. If you ask his type and he starts talking like a marketing manager from Essex, you’re already in there.