People make promises every day they intend to keep.



Do they keep them? Sometimes, but more often those promises don’t end up being kept. It’s not that we don’t want to keep them, but wanting something and following through with it are two different things.

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Who do we break our promises to? Ourselves mostly. New diets, break-ups and bad habits tend to make us eat our words and look like liars. But If we can’t keep promises to ourselves then how could we possibly keep them when we make them to someone else?

Being in love is an amazing feeling but it can also be very difficult at times. Keeping your word is important when it comes to relationships because it builds trust. If you can’t keep promises to yourself how could you keep them when you make them for someone else? Before you decide to tie the knot try to consider these things that, instead of promising to do, actually promising not to do. It can sometimes take the pressure off making promises when you are more focused on what not to do.

1. Don’t let your relationship become a routine.

2. Don’t stop trying to make each other smile.

3. Don’t argue just to argue.

4. Don’t stop dating each other.

5. Don’t stop going on adventures together.

6. Never stop being best friends.

7. Don’t stop going on adventures together.

8. Don’t ever stop being partners in crime.

9.Don’t stop being adventurous with sex.

10. Don’t stop telling each other how attractive you think the other one is.

11. Don’t stop trying to look good for each other.

12. Don’t stop caring.

13.Don’t stop being each other’s  obsession.


14. Don’t rely on saying“I love you” to recognize how you feel.

15. Don’t stop saying “I love you”.

16. Don’t ever take each other for granted.

17. Don’t stop inhaling each other.

18. Don’t stop commenting on each other’s smiles.

19.Don’t take for granted the butterflies you feel.

20. Don’t settle for less than your dreams.

21.Don’t stop doing things together.

22. Don’t stop exciting each other.

23. Don’t give up, no matter how difficult things get.

24. Don’t stop taking risks.

25. Don’t stop making each other nervous.


26. Don’t put yourself in a position to wake up alone.

27. Don’t get lazy when it comes to making mistakes.

28. Don’t forget to forgive each other.


29. Don’t grow stagnant.

30. Don’t stop loving the way you love each other.

31. Don’t start needing more than the people you love by your side.

32. Don’t stop pursuing your dreams together.

33. Don’t let each other stop pursuing your own personal dreams.

34. Don’t stop questioning the meaning of being alive together.

35. Don’t stop having long conversations.

36. Don’t become bitter.

37. Don’t become spiteful.

38. Don’t forget the reasons you fell in love.

39.Don’t ever let them feel alone.

40. Don’t let them forget you are there for them.

41.Don’t ever make them think they have to go to someone else for comfort.

42. Don’t stop living in the moment.

43. Don’t stop looking forward to your future.

44. Don’t ever convince yourself that your partner is your enemy.

45. Don’t throw away the chance to grow old together.


46. Don’t forget all you have been through together.

47. Don’t get lazy and act as if you won’t ever lose the one you love, because you can.

48. Don’t lie, even when it’s easier.

49. Don’t be selfish with each other.

50. Don’t forget how blessed you are to be loved and love someone in return.