I am not sure about the other women out there but I for one am done with relationships that end up in disappointment.

When I was single for a while I found that I started to lower my standards. I thought “maybe I am being too picky”. “Maybe I am being a bit too rigid with the must have qualities”. Well guess what? I wasn’t.

I was ignoring the red flags I had taught myself I should run a mile from. This led to many failed relationships pretty damn quickly.

Recently however I joined a dating site which asked numerous detailed questions about myself and what I expect from a man. While answering the questions I remembered what I had always known deep down.

There are a number of qualities we all wish for in a man.

However instead of focussing on the little things that really don’t matter too much, it is important to focus on the bigger picture.

Relationships are a two way street. All women have a right to a man who tries and succeeds in making her happy. They deserve a man who will bend over backwards to treat them right. He should make an effort to show her how much he appreciates her. And you know what? He should treat her this way because this is how she treats him. 


To sum up, every woman deserves a gentleman. 


6 things all woman deserve from the men they date:


If he is worthy of you, he will never treat you with anything less than the utmost respect. He should make it his mission to show you how much he cares for you and how special you are to him. He should never  do anything that hurts you, makes you uncomfortable, or scares you.

They should show you admiration. When you admire someone, you think the best of them, you want the best for them, and you appreciate them. You should not settle for disapproval, disrespect or degradation. Always remember, you deserve better than that.

Direct Communication:

A gentleman would not be okay with his partner wondering about him and his intentions.He would make them very clear. Having relationship talks, answering serious questions, and dealing with awkward situations that arise would not make him run.

A man would face them head on, try his hardest to resolve any issues, and be honest with you about his feelings because he respects you and wants you to feel secure and happy in the relationship.

Honesty and Trust:

A man who is worthy of you would be honest and trustworthy. In return, he would also put his faith and trust in you. He would never give you cause to question him or be jealous. He wouldn’t play games with you or purposely cause you to feel less-than.



He would make you feel so secure even a night at a strip club wouldn’t cause you to question his loyalty.

The type of man every woman deserves would not engage in jealous or paranoid behavior. He would remain calm under pressure and be confident in you and your relationship. If something caused him to wonder, he would ask you about it directly and then move on. In turn, he would expect you to talk about what’s on your mind and he would never lash out or answer any other way than truthfully.

Encouragement & Ambition:

A gentleman should both work hard and play hard. He continually wants to better himself which in turn makes him ambitious. He should understand that the woman is attracted to his ambition and drive and not particularly in the size of his wallet or pay-check.

He should also support her ambitions and goals. If he meets a strong woman with ambitious goals, this should in no way deter him. He should never look down on her or berate her for having goals, no matter what they are. He would find her more attractive because, like him, she has her own personal life and her own passions and goals.

All women deserve a man who respects and admires both her beauty and her brains. A man who appreciates who she is inside and out. A man who can’t wait to get her into bed but cares about more than just getting his. A man who inspires and encourages her to go after her passions without ever asking her to change who she is.


Every woman deserves a man who stands by her side and defends her. A man who understands that women get hit on, regardless of their relationship status, and takes it as a compliment rather than a reason to start a fight, because he trusts her. A man who never plays games, makes her wait around, or lies.

Every woman deserves a man who puts effort into the relationship because he wants her to be happy. A man whose words and actions constantly show her how much he cares about her. A man who communicates openly because he wants to be on the same page as her.

All women deserve a real gentleman