After doing some research on the net and asking some other people too I have compiled a list of the top 7 traits of a real man. Please add your own to the list in the comments.

1) The ability to swallow his pride

Even the worst of men will have plenty of pride, and pride can get in the way of doing what is right in a relationship. It is crucial to be able to swallow that and admit when you are wrong, apologize, and to be able to allow the woman you’re with to win an argument when she is right without resenting her for it.

2) Takes commitments seriously

Whether friends or lovers or family, a real man needs to value those promises he makes and value in himself that he will set lines in his life and never cross them.


3) Willingness to change for his own sake

Comes with swallowing pride, too a man must be able to swallow his self image and be open to criticism from others. It is not that a man should change for others, it’s that he should always seek to be a better man for his own sake.


4) Expresses emotion

Men are taught to be stoic, to control and repress emotions and always be that stable figure in life who is affected by nothing. A real man knows that stability and emotion are not mutually exclusive, and is not afraid to express his needs, wants, and desires to others in his life.


5) Comfortable in his own skin

Both sexes are beset on all sides by unrealistic standards of beauty. A real man ignores these things and loves himself for who he is, even if he is not entirely happy with his appearance. Even if he is self conscious, he does not allow that to rule his life.

6) Respectful

A real man understands that there is a basic level of human respect that everyone deserves because everyone needs it, and gives that respect willingly. Even when someone’s actions or personality bring just judgement upon them, he does not treat them badly, because no one needs to be reviled in their life. He knows it is not his place to make others suffer for who they are, but simply for him to walk away from others who he cannot bring himself to treat decently.

7) Empathic

A real man tries to understand others. Even when he fails, he at least attempts to walk a mile in their shoes. He thinks of his actions in terms of how he would enjoy being on the receiving end and tries to do unto others.


That’s all I got, but it’ll get you started. Please add to the list.