Every girl has a checklist for their perfect man. It is usually predictable and includes the mandatory “Good Looking, successful, funny” etc. There are however some intangible qualities that can mean the difference between Mr Right and Mr… Left.

He Has Been Around The Block

Lets face it, none of us want to date a big baby or a mommas boy. They do need to be just a little bit experienced in the ways of the world. It is not often spoken about in these kind of articles but having a guy who has already been “broken in” in all departments can be a bonus. You don’t wan’t to be his mother figure teaching him how to plan a date to dress himself. You want him to take control and be your knight in shining armour.

Elephant Memory

There is nothing more romantic than when a guy remembers those little things you were not expecting. Your favourite song or the exact way you like to take your Starbucks coffee. You may have once in a fleeting comment mentioned a place you like then on your birthday he takes you there.

In other words he listens to you and it doesn’t just go in one ear and out the other as he plays on his X Box. If your happiness is at the top of his priorities above that of beating his friends on the computer or listening to his iPod, you have a big box ticked. In short you want a guy that listened, processes, remembers and most importantly acts upon.


He Knows You Can… But He Won’t Let You

You may have a good job and be able to afford to buy the first round but he should recognise that this is out of order and offer to pay. You are not a money grabber or unappreciative, he just understands what it is to be a gentleman and acts on it.

In the same way even though you have been in the gym looking after yourself and can obviously easily open your own car door or the door to the restaurant. He should know that this is his job and that door should be opened before you even need to think about it.


Anti Social Media

So when you were dating, you spent all your time on Facebook or Twitter chatting to him. It was fun as you got to know him but when you are with him, that has to stop. I mean who wants to be with a guy that likes every other girls photos or trolls on models on Instagram.


Also private accounts or multiple email addresses are a bit of a no no. If instead of this, he is more of a snapper of you and him as a selfie as he takes you to your favourite restaurant, you may have a keeper.

Family Guy

That guy at the party chugging a load of beer can be funny but do you really want to date him? There is a lot more to be said about the guy that has a strong set of family values. You will find that guys that value their family and the time he spends with his family is going to be a loyal, hardworking honest man who knows the importance of sticking to gather through thick and thin.

He Isn’t All Talk

It is so easy for a guy to tell you his values. He may say things like “when I get married I will do xyz for my wife”. This is all promising things that may or may not happen in the future. If he is saying this stuff while taking you to McDonalds for your first date or forgetting your birthday, see the red flag and move on.

That Je ne se Quois

Sometimes the thing really missing from all the guys you have been out with is something that can’t be written down on a piece of paper. It is that indescribable force that drives you to want to be with him all the time. That makes you feel it is right when you are with him and sends you a little crazy when you are apart.

If you manage to find a guy who gives you that initial excitement and buzz for an extended period, it is time to rejoice as you have most likely met Mr Right.


If you have not managed to find a guy that ticks all these boxes, don’t be discouraged. He is out there for you somewhere. You may have to kiss a few Jimmy Kimmels before you find your Ian Somerhalder.