what men like about a womans body
Image Source: yourtango

Why in the world should someone put their life on the line when he actually prefers you just the way you are? Take a look at Solange Magnano, 37-year-old model and former Miss Argentina, who died of surgery complications. And what had she elected to change? Her buttocks. She died of an embolism likely from fat or silicone that entered a large vein.

Or we can take a glance at any magazine stand. The message at the end of the day is that we are all missing something – and we need to change something about us in order to attract Mr. Right. It’s not the most encouraging message – we feel perpetually hopeless.

This is one of many examples of those who opt for something that at first appears to be their fast track to success but ends in tragedy. This underscores the importance of surrounding yourself with people who love you just as you are – from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

It also turns out that when it really comes down to it, if men knew that your life was in danger due to some cosmetic alteration, they would much rather you be safely all of you rather than you be dead. Here is a list of things, that when men are asked, really like about their girlfriends just as they are:


#1 Hair

Hair is a big deal. Let’s face it, ladies – we always want the hair we don’t have. If ours is curly, we want it straight. If it is straight, we get wave or a perm. Men love hair – so why not love yours? Plus – they love to smell it almost more than you do! So let lose and love your hair!


#2 Eyes

Eyes are like windows to our souls. Some people have very expressive ones, enabling others to see right into us. To capture one’s gaze and keep looking for a long time is a wonder in and of itself. Eyes are amazing. Make-up or not…eyes are awesome. Love the ones you have. If you like make-up, find colors that make your eyes “pop.” And if not, love what you have just as you have it. They love it!

#3 Skin

Skin is beautiful. In some stages in life, it appears flawless and tight. Other times, it develops fine lines from smiling and laughing – a sign of a life that is being enjoyed. After a while, these marks become more noticeable. No matter what phase you are in – enjoy the skin you are in. It houses your entire being. Trust us – he enjoys it too. Skin-to-skin connection is huge. Holding hands, kissing, touching – all of these aspects of skin are life-long wonders that help one always feel connected. Men love skin!


#4 The clavicle & curve of the neck

There is something inviting about these parts – there is a strong allure that lasts for life. The cool part is that we all have two – and hopefully your man will enjoy both sides. No surgery necessary – just allow him to enjoy you!

#5 Belly Buttons

This one might be difficult to understand, since men have them too – but belly buttons are fascinating. Be nice to your button – he will too.

#6 Curvature

Nothing says W-O-M-A-N like her curves. From the small of the back, to hips to her legs and even her grab-able booty – curves rock. Some have bodacious ones and others more slim. No matter what, there is no replacement for curves. Find yours, wear clothes that flatter what you have without robbing one of their imagination and go with it. Work it and wear it well girls!

#7 Boobage

One might be tempted to sweep these under the “curves” rug – but let’s be honest…boobies are in a class of their own. They attract a lot of attention and, well, keep it for a long time. Men like to stare at them, touch them, and use them as pillows no matter what size they are. Basically, if men had their own boobs, they’d probably never leave home. So the fact that you have them is a plus – no matter what size or shape. So give yourself a hug and love your girls. Men love them too!


So, from head to toe – celebrate the real you – men already do!