Low self esteem can have a very negative effect on your life and your relationships with other people. We are all aware of some of the horrendous effects low self worth can have on peoples lives but there are many other ways that are not often considered. Many people who suffer from this  problem may not even be aware that they are a sufferer! Below are 10 things you may do or feel which could be a result of low self esteem;

According to Platform 51 self-esteem issues are the most prevalent low-level mental health problem among women, with more than 60% affected – the figure rises to a shocking 80% among 18- to 24-year-olds. But while body image is important, it is only one of the things that affect self-esteem.


1. Avoiding social situations.

You may feel uncomfortable around lots of people or people you don’t know.


2. Lack of intimacy.

You may find intimacy in your relationships difficult or even impossible. You could feel like you just don’t feel comfortable with it but not have questioned why. Could the answer to that question be because you don’t feel good enough?

3. Being defensive.

You may find yourself becoming defensive and even aggressive with other. This is a way to ‘protect’ yourself from potentially being made to feel even worse about yourself.

4. Feeling uncomfortable buying new clothes.

New clothes can make suffers feel ‘silly’ or ‘not pretty enough for nice clothes’. You might  pefer to blend into the background in an attempt to avoid any attention. Finding clothes to fit may reinforce someone beliefs that they are too big or too skinny.



5. Not wanting to alter your appearance.

We all know someone who changes their hair colour over fortnight or likes to try out hot pink lip stick whilst wearing a lime green scarf. Most people suffering from low self esteem will not make any changes to their appearance that may attract attention (even positive attention).

6. Fear of rejection.

Rather than apply for a new job, you may find yourself avoiding this opportunity due to the fear of being rejected. The same goes for asking someone on a date or even asking a friend if they have time to come round for a drink. Trying anything that may feel can be a very scary experience for someone with low self worth.

7. Being taken advantage of.

You may feel that people close to you often take advantage of you, asking you for favours or expecting too much from you. You might find it difficult to say no to people, you might be a ‘people pleaser’ as the thought of disagreeing with someone could make you feel enev worse about yourself.

According to author Nathaniel Branden, people who suffer from low self esteem; ‘tend to feel most comfortable…with persons whose self esteem level resembles our own’. This can result in you finding yourself surrounded by other people who are also dealing with mental health problems and feel negative too. There is a danger here that you cannot pull yourself out of this rut while you are around these people.


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