You know what they say…”So many boys, so few real men.”


As a guy, I have to say that I’m rather pissed off at all you stupid blokes out there, masquerading like men but are actually little boys. The fact is that you recently cost me a potentially promising relationship. Because so many women have been cheated on and their trust is now broken, there are now few who are even willing to trust another man.

I have never cheated on a woman and never plan to do so. It is so sad that so few women believe me when I tell them this. And I’m not the only man who has come across this problem.

The problem is that when you break a woman’s trust, you likely never get it back. I mean never – ever. And you are not just ruining things for her but for the next guy.

I thought I’d outline reasons why real men don’t cheat. So for all those masquerading boys out there, you might want to take notes – here’s what you are missing. Real men don’t cheat because we…

#1 …are emotionally stable.

Typically, we hear about women being the ones having difficulty controlling their emotions. The real truth is, men are much worse off. At least women have the intelligence to share their feelings and discuss problems wit others rather than keeping it bottled up.


And of course, when they can no longer take it, they explode. When something goes wrong in a relationship, women cry or complain – there is at least some indication that something is wrong. Men? They often act like they feel nothing – as if they are unaffected.

And once their cup overflows, they look for the nearest release, no matter what it is – drinking, smoking, sex…whatever. Real men, however, deal with their emotions appropriately. They have at least one bro they can be totally real with and they learn to keep this relationship tight with each other but open regarding real thoughts and feelings. When the stuff hits the fan, some stability comes from his bro, who is there to encourage him. Real men acknowledge they one, have feelings and two, find a healthy outlet in which to deal with them.

#2 …have the willpower to control ourselves.

I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, gentlemen, because you likely want to sleep with every beautiful woman you meet. And I mean literally, every last one. If you are a real man though, you don’t risk investing your strength into a woman who you are not likely to have chemistry with. Being with someone who loves you is far more fulfilling anyway. And if the sex is boring, then do something to spice it up. It takes two.


#3 …won’t date women we don’t love already or believe we will love one day.

We all date people we aren’t certain we will fall in love with. Love at first site is a rarity. On the other hand, dating someone out of convenience alone is far more common than one might think.


Real men know that women aren’t objects and thus don’t use them to mearly gratify their own desires. They know the true worth of a woman and want to really find a relationship that works. When they realize the relationship is not likely to work, they cut it off instead of leading them on.

#4 …know what respect is.

Real men treat others with respect – and especially the women they are dating. The real truth is that cheating is lying – one is lying to another! It’s breaking trust and proves that the person only cares about themselves – and even more so about themselves over their partner. What’s worse is that later on, she is likely to have difficulty trusting other men – as I mentioned earlier that I learned the hard way.

#5 …don’t need sexual conquests to make ourselves feel manly.

Real men know that they are real men – they are confident in who they are and what they want. The know the difference between being confident and being cocky. They know they have needs and how to satisfy them in wholesome, life-giving ways. They know the dangers of keeping away from things they might not later be able to say “no” to. They refuse to be a slave of their own appetites. They don’t allow situations or other people to rule their emotions, thoughts or actions. They have nothing to prove because they have fully embraced who they are.

#6 … would never do anything to hurt the woman we love.

Real men would never hurt any women – and especially one they have carefully selected as “worth pursuing.” This woman, someone they can envision as an extension of himself, is like a jewel to him. It is something to be admired, protected and prized. To not care for the one he loves is to not care for himself.

And when you have found a woman you love and she actually loves you back…why in the world would you want to mess that up? You wouldn’t.

#7 …have our priorities in order – random sex is not at the top of our list.

Real men are too busy living out their dreams to be distracted with silly and expensive flings that only create regret, unnecessary drama and worry later on. Real men decide what they are looking for and spend time pursuing that – not settling for some crazy one-night thing or shallow entertainment. They know how to guard their minds, eyes and heart from what wants to rob them – seems like “what everyone is doing” still leaves “everyone” empty and lost. So why bother with that? Real men know this and don’t. Find the woman you want – and before you meet her, do everything you can to BE the man she is looking for.


#8 … have the courage to end a relationship

If you are contemplating cheating on her, then clearly, you don’t want to be with her. Grow a pair and break it off as soon as possible. Better to do it now then to create more damage down the line. Don’t be a coward. Real men own up to what needs to be done – they stand and face their fears, taking the appropriate action in a timely fashion.

So to all those women who have lost all faith, I am here to tell you that real trustworthy men do exist. You may just be looking in the wrong places?