Sometimes It’s hard for men to communicate their feelings.


Sometimes it’s hard for everyone.

The thing about texting though is that it gives you time to think about what you want to say before you say it. It allows you to change what you say before you say it. You can improve what you want to say before it’s out in the open…you get the idea.

Women are communicators. They just are. It is typically easier for them to communicate their feelings, but they also want to know how you feel about them. So instead of the nudes or trying to play mr. mysterious, try surprising her with a text every girl loves.

It may not seem like it, but sending her a nice text once a day actually says quite a bit about you. It shows commitment, that you are thoughtful and caring. It shows you are thinking of her and that her feelings matter. So for everyone that may not know how to show your feelings to the girl your falling for, this is for you!

1. “Good Morning”

This is something that will show her you are thinking of her as soon as you start your day. I would suggest adding a pet name…something like “good morning beautiful” to make her feel extra special. It can also separate you from anyone else who might text her “good morning”.

2. “I Had A Good Time With You”

If you don’t say it how will she know? If you enjoyed your time with her, tell her! If you don’t, she may think you didn’t enjoy it and that’s the last thing you want. Women need to know when they are a part of something that makes you happy.

3. “Thinking About You”

Just don’t overuse this one. It might come off as creepy if you say it several times a day.

4. “This Is What Makes You Special”

Women love compliments, especially if it’s something she does or wears that you like. Make sure you vocalize when she looks nice or does something you find funny or cute. A lot of times, men will try and play it cool, and women will mistake that for apathy.A random text letting her know you think she’s pretty or like the way she dresses can go a long way in letting her know you’re interested.

5. ” I Miss You”

This will win major points. Your girl will love knowing you’re yearning for her, and will let her know how much you love spending time with her.

6. “I Love You”

The most underused phrase in the world. Never forget to tell her you love her because you don’t ever want her to feel like you don’t.

7. “How Was Your Day?”

This one says a lot. It shows that you are actually interested in her and what she goes through during the day. When you ask her about herself it shows that you can look beyond you and care for her too. It is so important to show your interest in her life so she knows you care about more than what is on your plate, and that you are willing to be her moral support if she needs you.

8. “I’m Sorry”

Once you get to the stage of having disputes, and yes it is normal and it will happen, don’t ever be stubborn about saying sorry. Relationships are not about getting the last word or being right. Relationships are about being selfless and committed to improvement and supporting one another. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you won’t always agree, but it’s how you come back from the dispute that counts. Setting aside your pride will show her you are more concerned with your relationship instead of being the winner of the argument. It will mean the world to her and I doubt she will forget it.