It will never fail to amaze me how much love can change someone. It can change the most arrogant, selfish person into someone who wants to open up and leave themselves totally vulnerable. It seems that this magical emotion we call love is almost like a mental condition that can make us want to give ourselves over to someone else.

When we fall in love we let the guards come down and leave ourselves exposed, naked and vulnerable. One of the critical parts of falling in love is timing. If you give yourself up too early, you can end up getting hurt, however if you wait too long, you may also put things at jeopardy.

Timing is key and if you can get it right and give your heart to someone at just the right time, you could be about to enter a journey that will reshape your whole life. Just remember not to let your past bad relationships pollute your feelings in your current relationship. This is someone else and it is not fair to judge them on your past experiences.


1. You have been with or known the person for at least 6 months

OK I agree that sometimes it is impossible to stop yourself falling for someone, but you must NOT let them know too soon. Once you let them know you love them, your relationship goes into a different place.

You may not be able to help falling for someone, but you can help letting him or her know too early. Once you say those three words, your relationship goes to the next level; it will never be able to level back down again. Remember, when you fall in love with someone, it is meant to be forever.


Before you give your heart to someone completely, you need to be sure they really are “the one”.

2. To your knowledge, they have never lied to you

And if they have told a little white lie, you have not found out about it. True in 99% of cases in relationships, lying is totally unacceptable but the truth is, sometimes it is better to be told a little white lie than told the truth. If you are ill in bed one morning and ask if you look ok, your partner may say you look fine rather then kicking you while you are down for example.

There are however some lies that should never be told.

These are the lies formed from deception in a malicious way.  Cheating or covering things up behind your back that you would be better off knowing are both the type of lie that should never be told.


3. They are always emotionally available when you need them

This may sound like an obvious one but all too often people give their heart to someone without being 100% that person really cares about them. This is not a difficult test. If your partner is always there for you when you need them and are not always the one ‘in need’, then they may be the one. You should always beware of someone who is conveniently unavailable whenever you really need them.


4. They don’t hide things from you

In the early stages of the relationship, you may find that your partner seems to be hiding things from you. Examples include keeping their cell phone to themselves, not letting you see their Facebook or being cagey about their email accounts. This is not necessarily a red flag in these early stages as it may just be someone that is used to being private and on their own.

If this kind of behaviour continued into the later stages of the relationship then you do need to be a bit wary. As the love develops, so should trust. Trust and love are very closely linked.

5. They have always respected you and treated you well

Track record is a big deal when you are thinking of committing yourself to someone fully. Your partner should be respectful towards you from day one. If they ever get aggressive or even violent during arguments, this is a big red flag. Don’t get me wrong, even the best and most harmonious relationships have arguments. Without the odd difference in opinion, things will be plain boring. It is how they treat you every day that really counts.

6. This person does things they say they will do

This really is a very important point. It is so easy to talk big but following through on promises is what really matters. . The person you can fully trust is the person that doesn’t let you down. They do things they say they will do. They remember important dates and they even remember those little things that may not matter so much to them but really matter to you.

7. They will put themselves out to make you happy

Sometimes people need to do things for each other that are a little uncomfortable or inconvenient. If this person isn’t willing to be uncomfortable for you then he or she won’t be willing to do a whole lot for you throughout your relationship. People have very neat comfort zones – leaving them is often pretty easy, but uncomfortable. This person should be willing to sacrifice his or her comfort for yours.

8. They think about you when you least expect it

There are few better feelings than the moment a text pops through while you are having a crappy day at work and it is from your partner letting you know they are thinking of you. Just the fact that the took the time to message you or even call you at an unexpected and unplanned time, suggests that you are the one thing on their mind at that time. When combined with the other points, this is a very good sign this could be a person you can trust.


9. You know you are ready to give yourself to them

It is not all about them you know? It is also about you and your readiness to give yourself to them. If you have any doubts, it may be too early or maybe it is not meant to be.

We often are too busy thinking and worrying about those we are falling for to consider if we are prepared to play the part ourselves. Are you ready to follow through on points one through eight? If you’re not then it doesn’t matter if your partner is, does it?