These photos from inside abandoned schools are chilling.

Dark tourism and all things creepy and haunted are popular across the world, but is there anything more spooky than a run down abandoned building? What about abandoned schools?

Fukushima Elementary School

Credit: Obsidian Urbex Photography

In coastal Japan, this elementary school is left abandoned and silent after 2 major disasters. In 2011, a Tsunami flooded the whole area, meaning all students and staff needed to evacuate. Luckily, no one was injured. However, only days later due to the flooding, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant went into meltdown, permanently evacuating everyone from the local area.

Upstate New York Abandoned School

Credit: Jam Press / Freaktography

Having been untouched for a whole 50 years, this old high school building is full of creepy left behind relics. Loose wires, broken bricks, chalk boards and bikes all left behind and frozen in time. This school was shut down and left to deteriorate due to another, larger school being built nearby.

George Wharton Pepper Middle School

Credit: Matthew Christopher

This school was permanently closed in 2013 after many years of struggle and issues with both building and staff. The school struggled to be maintained since its creation, and unfortunately wasn’t given the proper funding or support from local government and school boards.

Dark Music School / Collegio S


Credit: Obsidian Urbex Photography

Built in the early 1960s, this was once a Roman Catholic boarding school for around 200 boys during the academic year and a summer school during the holidays. Abandoned in the 1980s, left behind was a beautiful building, slowly being eaten away by nature and decay. Made up of labyrinth style corridors and an abandoned auditorium with only beams left to walk across.

Industrial Trade School

Credit: Obsidian Urbex Photography

In the US, this shining prospect of a school was introduced in the early 1900s. Boys were taught to build and complete laborious tasks in order to be employable and providers, girls were taught to sew and cook, to prepare them for marriage. The modern day reader can probably understand why this school became derelict in the 70/80s.

Pripyat Middle School No.3

Credit: Obsidian Urbex Photography

Found in Chernobyl, this middle school was evacuated after the nuclear disaster in 1986. Being one of the few schools left standing, it has still been ransacked by thieves for anything valuable. Leaving behind scraps, desks and drawings by the children. This school is also known as the “Gas mask school”, due to the previous storage of Russian made gas masks in children sizes, in case of emergency.

Abandoned Fern School

Credit: Obsidian Urbex Photography

In Scotland, this elementary school was founded in the 1880s and was a thriving school for 100s of children over the years. Unfortunately due to government cuts in the 1990s this school began to struggle with less staff and funding, and was shut down in the early 2000s. Now it’s been overtaken by nature, with plants found on nearly every inch of the place.

Shizuoka Mountain School

Credit: Obsidian Urbex Photography

Hidden away in the mountains, this left behind school is only accessible by foot. Said to have been built in the 1880s, this traditional Japanese style elementary school is only made up of two classrooms and a small staff quarters. A tiny village nearby made up of a few homes and tea business, is now home to only 1 woman.

Public School Number Four

Credit: Abandoned Southeast

Constructed on the site of the former Riverside Park School, this school was completed in 1918. The former school was built in 1891 but was deemed unsafe and a fire hazard due to its traditional wooden frame. The new school was built from concrete, making it almost fire proof. Due to the interstate construction in the 1950s isolating the school, it was shut down in 1960 and condemned in 1971.

Teriberka, Kola Peninsula

Credit: Russia Trek

This school is located in a tiny area in rural Russia that has gone through different stages of development. After having success with jobs in the fishing industry, the village was boosted to ‘urban settlement’ status in 1938. However after the movement of the district centre to another area, Teriberka was moved back to ‘village’ status in 1997, closing the school in 2005.