This interviews below are part of an interactive documentary series called “The And” that focuses on couples asking each other intimate questions and receiving honest, candid answers.

Ali and Andrew were college sweethearts who dated for seven years and then broke up two years ago. See what happens when they sit down face-to-face to talk honestly about what made their relationship fall apart.


The questions they ask each other are questions that are often left unasked and unanswered at the end of a relationship. Some of the most awkward and insightful are:

“Why did you cheat on me so many times?”

“What is your fondest memory of our time together?”

“If you could change one thing about our relationship, what would it be and why?”

“What would you warn my next boyfriend about me? ”

“Why haven’t you been in a relationship since we broke up? ”

“And the killer…. “Would you ever think about getting back together?”


You can watch part two below.