After Seeing This, You Will Never Want to Drink Coke Again

For years there has been loads of videos showing the Coca Cola and Mentos experiment. If you are unaware of it, basically if you drop a Mentos mint into a bottle of Diet Coke and shake it up, the bottle explodes and sometimes turned into a rocket.



The experiment below is even more surprising and also a little disconcerting to anyone who drinks coke. For those with a little knowledge of science, Coke has an acidic pH between 2.5 and 4.5. It can be used to clean car engines or to take the tarnish off a coin. Yes this is the stuff you put in your stomach! If you then mix Coke with a liquid with a normal PH balance such as milk, what would happen? The answer is, something gross happens. 

First pour a little bit of milk into a bottle of Coca Cola. 




Next put the lid on the bottle and wait for 6 hours while the reaction takes place. 


As you can see, the top of the Coke turns into a clear-ish browny liquid. 




But what is that sandy mess at the bottom? 


So I imagine when you drink milk after drinking Coke. this is what is left over in your stomach. No thanks!