Make your own kind of music

pexels-pixabay-257904 is a website that allows users to create royalty-free tracks through the means of AI. While some may question the ethics of such a tool – arguing that it takes the soul out of music – there’s no denying the ease and increased productivity levels this handy piece of tech brings to the table.

Get AI to suggest your meals


Not sure what to have for dinner? No problem – simply hit up ChatGPT. There, you can create a list of all the ingredients you have in your fridge. The clever AI program will then come up with multiple suggestions of what you can cook. Say goodbye to those endless evenings debating what to eat.

Learn a new language


No longer do you have to attend long, boring language classes after work to learn a new language. All you have to do is hit up ChatGPT. There, the AI tool can teach you the basics, little by little. The artificial intelligence will even provide you with examples of pronunciation, meaning you’ll become a master in no time.

Say goodbye to housework woes


Inventions like Roomba have already taken households by storm, the device cleaning up your house and returning to its charging port when its duties are finished. Experts predict that it won’t be long until AI is doing most of your household tasks for you, claiming that AI tools will be able to automate about 39 percent of domestic housework within the next 10 years.

Go viral


Have you dreamed of reaching high levels of internet fame, but lack the motivation to do so? Look no further, AI is here to help. is an AI-based website that allows users to create original memes with minimal effort. All you have to do is type in a few phrases, hit the ‘Generate’ button and voila – internet stardom is in your hands.

Protect your home


AI software such as Alexa and Siri are extremely handy – but did you know that you can use these tools to protect your home? Alexa has a guard feature, which can turn your lights on when you’re away to make it look as though you’re home, pick up on pinging smoke alarms, and alert you to any break-ins. Pretty handy stuff.

Get AI to write for you


There are many AI content writing tools out there on the internet- from website landing pages, social media posts, blog posts, and product descriptions. There are still ongoing debates about whether these tools are ethical, potentially taking away people’s jobs and leading to lacklustre copy. Maybe try them as a starting off point, rewriting their work to give it your human touch.

Improve your communication skills


Poised is a free AI tool that enables users to improve their communication skills, boosting their professional presence. The software analyzes the user’s body language and speech, offering suggestions for improvement. Whether you’re seeking impeccable interview skills, or just want to come across as a more confident person, this AI hack could be life-changing.

Note taking – be gone!

pexels-karolina-grabowska-4476376-2 is a note-taking tool that uses AI. Through advanced speech recognition technology, this nifty piece of software transcribes spoken word into text in real-time, whether it’s from meetings, podcasts, or interviews. Furthermore, can summarize these notes, making it that much more accessible.

Bag your dream job


Handing your CV over to a robot to complete sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie – but it’s a reality! There are many AI-based resume builders out there, creating tailored, professional CVs with multimedia features that can help you stand out from the crowd.