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IQ tests are carried out by presenting subjects with a series of shapes and asking them to identify the sequence. An IQ score of 100 is thought be be average and anything above or below this is said to represent a person’s intelligence. So, without further ado, here are all of the states in the US ranked by IQ so that you ca feel smug if your state is at the top.

40. Georgia

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Hard luck Georgians, according to Wisevoter, you guys average in at an IQ score of 98 – this is only two points under the nation’s average. At least you’re not Mississippi with an average IQ of 94, a whopping 6 points under the national average. Yikes.

39. South Carolina

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Hot on the heels of Georgia is South Carolina, with an average IQ of 98.4, very close to the national average but not quite there yet. You guys may be known for your southern hospitality but not for your spelling bees. At least you’re not last.

38. Florida

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With the memes circulating of “Florida man..” insert something crazy, it might be no surprise that Florida has an average IQ of 98.4, tied with South Carolina. Maybe Floridians are good at wrestling gators, but that takes more bravery than brains.

37. West Virginia

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Although it’s sister state ranks a lot higher, West Virginia comes in at number 37 with an average IQ of 98.7. This is probably why the rest of the nation thinks everyone in West Virginia ends up working in the coal mines. You can’t do your homework in the dark anyway.

36. Alaska

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Falling just one point below the nation’s average, Alaskans have an average IQ of 99. Who can blame them? With the beautiful scenery in Alaska and remote lifestyle, wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying the natural surroundings than sitting in a classroom?

35. Oklahoma

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Oklahomans often get a reputation for being country bumpkins, so it maybe comes as no surprise that they come in just slightly below average with an IQ of 99.3. However, this is still very close to average, showing that it does take a bit of brains to be a farmer.

34. Kentucky

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Slightly below average IQ, excellent fried chicken; that’s Kentucky. Marginally beating Oklahoma, Kentucky comes in at number 34, a joke could be made here about low IQ and a certain fast-food restaurant, but that would be too obvious…

33. Rhode Island

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This one’s a little shocking, saying as Rhode Island is home to Brown University; one of the top ten univeristies in the country. However, Rhode Islanders actually have a lower than average IQ at 99.5. All of those Brown students must come from out of state.

32. Maryland

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Home to a very successful medial school, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is one of the top colleges in the country. Surprisingly though, Maryland still comes in below average with an IQ of 99.7. Very close to the national average, but not quite there yet.

31. Illinois

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Very close Illinois, but just a hair off – you guys have an average IQ of 99.9. Looks like you just need a few more big-brained people to take that IQ test so that you can become completely average. Maybe start with the guy who invented Chicago-style pizza, that guy’s obviously a genius.

30. Texas


Congrats Texas, you guys come in at number 30 with a painfully and exceedingly average IQ of 100! Not to worry, you Texans have lots to be proud of; your music, your football teams and your food, to name a few. But, maybe don’t go bragging about the whole IQ thing…

29. North Carolina

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North Carolina beats it’s southern sister and comes in at number 29 with an average IQ of 100.2. Beating the national average marginally, this is a little surprising as North and South Carolina actually have very similar education systems and both states have great colleges.

28. Delaware

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One of the states most commonly left out when people are listing the states off the top of their heads, Delaware should not be underestimated in this ranking. With an average IQ of 100.4, Delaware proves itself to be quite the clever little state. Remember that next time you’re listing all the states.

27. Michigan

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Michigan has an excellent university – The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the 4th best college in the country and is referred to as “The Public Ivy” due to it’s competitive graduation rates. However, residents of Michigan have a fairly average IQ of 100.5

26. New York

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With New York being such a melting pot for culture and creativity, it could be a little surprising to see that they only rank at 26. With an average IQ of 100.7, they do come in above the global IQ of 100, but come in just below the halfway mark when compared with other states. Don’t worry, you New-Yorkers still get all the cool points.

25. Missouri

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Now we’re getting into the more serious stuff. Missouri is the first state to beat the average IQ of 100 by a whole point. With an IQ of 101, Missouri is showing everyone that Mark Twain, the brain behind the Huckleberry Finn books, isn’t the only genius to come out of this state.

24. Utah


People often assume that Utah is very stuck in the past when it comes to their cultures and way of life, but they must be doing something right in their schools because they have an average IQ of 101.1 Maybe, going back to old school teaching with a blackboard rather than an iPad is the way to go.

23. Oregon

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Oregon is known for it’s progressive culture and ability to always be one step ahead of cultural trends, so it’s no surprise that they’re ahead in the brains department too. With an average IQ of 101.2 and a large tech and innovation sector, Oregon shows itself to be a real smartypants.

22. Idaho

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Think Idaho is nothing but fields and nothing to do? Maybe it is, and maybe that’s why their IQs are so high because they have nothing better to do than read books all day. Or maybe, there’s something in the water. Idaho scores above the national average with a score of 101.4

21. Pennsylvania

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This should come as no surprise as Pennsylvania is home to one of the US’s most prestigious universities – Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania comes in at number 21 with an average IQ score of 101.5

20. Colorado

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People from Colorado may be known for partaking in the consumption of a funny green plant that could be said to deplete brain function – but this hasn’t hindered their IQ stats. Colorado has an impressive average IQ score of 101.6. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.

19. Indiana

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Indiana has produced some pretty talented creatives, including heart-throb actor James Dean and author of “Slaughterhouse Five”, Kurt Vonnegut. With all these great minds and incredible creative talents, maybe it comes as no surprise that Indiana comes in with a nice average IQ of 101.7.

18. Ohio

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People in Ohio aren’t just talented farmers, they’re actually really clever too. There must be some goodness in all that corn they eat in Ohio because they score a not too shabby average IQ of 101.8. Go you, Ohio. You’re a bunch of brainiacs!

17. Washington D.C.

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You might have thought that Washington would be a little higher on the list, saying as its the political epicenter of the US (Or maybe not, depending on your opinion of politicians) but Washington is steadfast in its number 17 spot. Hopefully those guys are better at solving global issues than taking IQ tests, with a just above average score of 101.9

16. Virginia


Virginia is another historical state where many great minds have made their mark. However, it still comes in at number 16 on our list with an average IQ of 101.9. To be fair, those historical figures probably didn’t have the time or the internet access to take an IQ test.

15. Nebraska

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There must be something in the water, or should we say corn, because Nebraska comes in at number 15 with an impressive average IQ score of 102.3. Think farmers aren’t clever? Think Nebraska is just full of country-bumpkins? Well you’re wrong because Nebraska has some Einsteins in it’s midst.

14. Wyoming

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It’s no doubt that people who live in Wyoming are lucky to have so much nature on their doorstep – but did you know they’re actually really clever too? Some people just have everything. With an average IQ score of 102.4, which puts them in at over 2 points over the nation’s average. If you’ve ever taken an IQ test you’ll know that this is no easy feat.

13. South Dakota

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Although both of the Dakotas have the same educational system, for some reason South Dakota is number 13 and North Dakota comes in much higher. However, with an average IQ score of 102.8, this is not something to be scoffed at. We’ll take a look at the sister state further down our list.

12. New Jersey

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Jersey may get a bad reputation for a certain reality tv show that features lots of partying on the beach and not many intellectual conversations. However, New Jersey, on the whole, has an average IQ of 102.8, tying with North Dakota and showing that there’s more to the people of New Jersey than what you see on TV.

11. Kansas

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Another tie as Kansas comes in with another solid average score of 102.8. I mean, if the people of Kansas are anything to go by, this should come as no surprise; Dorothy was able to figure out that the Wizard of Oz was just a man behind a curtain. If that doesn’t take a high IQ, what does?

10. Wisconsin

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All that dairy is good for your teeth and bones, but the vitamin B6 in dairy products is said to contribute to brain function. It’s no wonder then, that the people from Wisconsin come in at number 10 with an average IQ score of 102.9. Remember to drink your milk, people!

9. Connecticut

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Ah, Connecticut, home of Yale University. Founded in New Haven in 1701, Yale is one of the best colleges in the world, so it’s no surprise that people from Connecticut have an average IQ of 103.1, just over a point off of our top spot who may or may not have a bit of rivalry with this state.

8. Iowa

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Iowa is one of the more sought-after states to live in the US, maybe because people think if they drink the water there they’ll be smarter. Iowa just marginally beats Yale’s hometown with an average IQ of 103.2. so if you don’t get into Yale, don’t cry – just enroll in one of Iowa’s colleges instead.

7. Montana

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Montana may be renowned for it’s cowboy culture, but it looks like those guys get off the horse long enough to brush up on their studies every once in a while. Montana comes in at number 7 with an average IQ score of 103.4, which is not to be sneezed at. Yeehaw!

6. Maine

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Tied with Montana is Maine; with an average IQ score of 103.4 also. Another New England entry – proving that if you want to be a genius, you better be born on the right-hand side of the map. Maine is also, of course, home to Stephen King, one of the most famous authors to ever have lived.

5. Minnesota

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Statistically, this is the number one state that people leave out when listing the states in the US, but, Minnesota makes it’s mark when it comes to IQ scoring. With an average score of 103.7, Minnesotans prove that they are geniuses and that everyone else is probably just jealous.

4. Vermont

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Vermont definitely has “dark academia” vibes, and is definitely the ideal place to curl up with a book and take in the scenery – maybe that’s why they’re so clever. Just missing the podium, Vermont come sin with a very respectable average IQ score of 103.8.

3. North Dakota

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Coming in and snagging the bronze medal is North Dakota with an average IQ of 103.8. Although it’s only 1 point higher than it’s sister state, it makes all the difference and for some reason, northerners look like they have the bigger brains on this occassion.

2. New Hampshire

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Another New England big-hitter, New Hampshire is close to the top, but comes in winning our silver medal with an average IQ of 104.2. So close, yet so far away. Sorry New Hampshire, you might have Dartmouth but you don’t have first place!

1. Massachusetts

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It’s no surprise that Massachusetts comes in at our number one spot with a whopping average IQ score of 104.3. With it being home to Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, it’s no surprise that this place is a hub for big brains. If anyone needs helps figuring out the square root of something, head to Massachusetts.