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You’re an empath

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Experiencing sudden, unexplained emotional outbursts that don’t match your present circumstances may be a sign that you’re spiritually gifted. Many use the term “empath” – denoting a gifted person who subconsciously picks up on the emotions of those around them, feeling how others feel. Take note of the people around you. Are you feeling your own emotions, or simply absorbing and mirroring theirs?

You sometimes feel pressure around your third eye

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According to spiritual experts, feeling pressure between your eyebrows could be a sign of being attuned to your spiritual gifts. Some individuals may even perceive other people’s chakra colors during this time. You can learn to consciously open and close your third eye by practicing spiritual exercises or meditating.

Crowds put you on edge

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A clear indication of being spiritually gifted is having heightened sensitivity to your surroundings. If you possess sensitive energy, being in crowded environments can be overwhelming due to the multitude of energy forces present. This heightened sensitivity can leave you feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically drained.

Tastes and smells are heightened

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According to spiritual experts, individuals who are aligned with their spiritual selves tend to have a heightened sense of taste and smell. This heightened sensitivity allows them to tune into the physical entities present in their surroundings. If you frequently notice scents that others don’t, try and discover what the spirit world is trying to draw your attention to.

Animals are naturally drawn to you

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Who doesn’t enjoy the heartwarming experience of entering a room and being singled out by the family dog? Or maybe when you’re out and about, a dog approaches you for a friendly greeting, surprising its owner. Animals possess a heightened sensitivity to energies, and they can pick up on your vibe, too!

You’ve experienced visions

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A vision is not the same as daydreaming. Unlike letting your mind wander, a vision is a sudden and vivid dream that pops into your head unexpectedly. It could be as specific as visualizing an accident or failing a test. If you experience such visions, it could be a sign that your spirit guide is attempting to protect you or your loved ones.

Meditation restores your energy levels

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Having a keen interest in meditation is a strong indication that you are attuned to your spiritual self. If you feel drawn to this practice and find it effortless, keep going! Meditation enables you to engage in mind-expanding activities that facilitate a connection with a higher realm.

You can feel a presence surrounding you

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When you’re alone in your room, and you clearly feel a presence touching your arm, hair, or other parts of your body, it’s a significant indication that you possess spiritual gifts. Even if you sense an entity brushing past you in the absence of any physical presence, it signifies that your aura is receptive to the spirit world.

You experience night terrors

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These experiences are often associated with children due to their irrational fears, but experts suggest that it’s because kids are more connected to the spirit world. If you’re spiritually gifted, you may have also encountered these experiences as an adult. Don’t let them scare you too much – it could merely be a sign of a spiritual awakening.

You’re able to lucid dream

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These dreams are a whole different ballgame compared to vivid dreams or night terrors. Lucid dreams occur when the dreamer is fully aware that they’re dreaming, but they struggle to wake themselves up. They’re sometimes referred to as astral projections and are often described as an out-of-body experience, allowing you full control of your body as you explore the dreamscape.

You experience synchronicities everywhere

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Highly spiritual folk will notice that synchronicities follow them throughout their life. You may be reading a word at the precise moment someone says it out loud, or you may be researching a topic when your friend messages you about the exact same thing. Synchronicities are simply a little sign from the universe that you’re on the right path.

Your dreams come true – literally

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Have you ever dreamt something, only for it to happen days later? If so, you’re a powerful spiritual being. Prophetic dreams signify an intense connection to the universe, showing that your mind is capable of crafting your future. Even benign, mundane dreams that come true show that you’re a highly spiritual person.

You always see angel numbers

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Angel numbers are simply repeated digits. If you’re forever catching 11:11 when you look at the clock, or your grocery bill always comes to $33.33, the universe is reaching out to you. Many people believe that different numbers connote different meanings, while others simply see it as a reassuring sign from the universe that you’re on the right path.

You think of something, then it happens

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Our thoughts are powerful things. Spiritual experts believe that you have the power to shape your reality with your mind, simply by repeating phrases through your internal monologue. If you think of something on the fly, and then days later it manifests into your reality, you’re clearly in tune with your spiritual side. Keep your thoughts clean and manifest your best life!

You visualize something, then it happens

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Visualization is thought to allow us to reshape our reality, our outer world being a reflection of our inner world. If you’ve ever visualized something, particularly before falling asleep, and it’s come to pass, it’s no coincidence. You’re a spiritual creator – go and visualize the life of your dreams and watch it land in your lap.

Good things happen when you’re in a good mood

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Have you ever noticed that good things tend to happen when you’re feeling happy? It’s because the world is reflecting your state of being. The more intense the happiness, the more joy awaits you in your future. If you’ve managed to master some control over your basic state, you’re a spiritual pro.

Bad things happen when you’re in a low vibe

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Bad vibes attract bad things. At least, that’s what spiritual gurus preach. If the world tends to mold around your pessimistic thoughts, negative aura, and victim mentality, proving you right time and time again – don’t despair! It’s actually a sign that you’re in sync with the universe, with your higher self bringing you more and more of what you keep focusing on.

You wake up frequently during the night

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3am is the witching hour – supposedly a time when spiritual activities are at their highest. If you’re forever waking up during the night, the universe is trying to tell you something, particularly if it’s always at the exact same time. Usually, frequent night-time wake ups are a sign that you’re ignoring something important, your spirit guides desperately trying to bring it to your attention.

Your gut instinct is usually always correct

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Following your gut is some of the best advice you can ever receive, trusting your inner being to lead the way. If your deepest, purest instincts are always correct, it’s a huge indicator that you’re a spiritually apt individual. Having a strong sense of inner knowing is a valuable gift that should be nurtured, guiding you throughout your life.

You hear things that aren’t there

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Hearing voices is a less common sign of spirituality, but a sign nevertheless. If you occasionally catch odd words or phrases in your subconscious mind, but nobody was actually present to speak them, it could be an indicator that you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening. Listen closely to those words – your spirit guides may have something important to tell you.

You thrive in nature

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Spiritual folk tend to feel naturally drawn towards nature, finding solace amongst the serenity of Mother Earth. If you crave nature’s touch – the feeling of grass beneath your feet, hearing the sound of the birds’ morning song, the sensation of the cool waters of the sea – it may be a sign that you’re elevating your spiritual consciousness, becoming more in touch with your primal being.

You occasionally feel a tingle

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Experiencing seemingly random tingles is a clear-cut sign from the universe. Feeling them often? Then you’re on the right track. If you have a powerful thought and then experience goosebumps, it’s a signal from your higher self that those thoughts will soon become your reality. You’re not going crazy – you’re just spiritual!

You’re sensitive to negative energies

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If you’re spiritually gifted, it’s likely that you immediately pick up on any negative energies. If certain people leave you feeling drained, or you walk into a room and instantly feel a pit at the bottom of your stomach, your third eye is clearly working overtime, attempting to protect your inner vibe.

You can predict the weather

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It sounds strange, but it’s true – some of us can predict the weather simply through our feelings. Perhaps you can sense that rain is on its way, despite every weather forecast predicting clear skies. If this is the case, you’re stepping into your higher self, working in sync with the universe.

People are drawn to you

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Making friends easily, having strangers approach you, and generally being liked by most people you encounter is not down to luck – it’s down to your energy! If you’re spiritually in tune, other people can pick up on it, whether they know it or not. If people naturally flock to you, it’s likely that your spiritual energy is alluring.

You’re sensitive to temperatures

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Being highly sensitive to sudden changes in temperature shows that you’re not only in tune with your physical body, but that your spiritual mind is awakening. If you notice sudden drops in temperature, it may be because an otherworldly entity is present. If you experience random bouts of heat, it may be related to what your mind was focusing on, resulting in a physical manifestation.

You have periods of isolation

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Isolation has negative connotations, but it truly can be a beneficial experience. The desire to be alone is your soul calling out for a chance to process, reassess, and recharge. Spend some time alone with just your thoughts – failure to do so will result in a constantly depleted social battery.

The moon cycle affects you

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Many people who are gifted with a touch of mysticism claim that the phases of the moon directly correlate with their inner feelings. The full moon can bring insomnia and feelings of tension, while a waning moon brings a sense of clarity and gratitude. Keep an eye on the skies – who knows, you may be mirroring the moon itself.

People always come to you for advice

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You may be the resident therapist of your friend group, with your pals constantly seeking out your wise words. This isn’t merely a personality trait – it’s a sign that your aura, worldview, and energy are all soothing to others. Use your gift to enrich the lives of others – the universe may purposely put you in the powerful position to answer other people’s prayers.

You can control your emotions

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Human beings are, at their core, emotional creatures. It shows a true sign of power if you’re able to control your emotions, no longer reacting to triggers. If you’re able to self-regulate, you’re more likely to be in tune with your spiritual side, showing a great sense of emotional maturity.

You’re drawn to the occult

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Tarot cards, crystals, and runes may all call out to you, your soul taking an unusual interest in the occult. If this resonates, you likely seek these tools in order to feel closer to your spiritual self, channeling your higher wisdom through the use of spiritual methods.

You see unusual things

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You may be surrounded by unusual sights or experiences, seeing things that many of your peers are blind to. You may constantly witness strange sights – lizards scurrying beyond their natural habitat, unusual birds circling overheard, or odd encounters with kind strangers. These are all signs that you’re gifted by the spirits.

Your zone out a lot

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If you tend to zone out a lot, or those closest to you complain about you drifting off into another world mid-conversation, it might mean more than a simple distraction. Whether you consciously notice it or not, spiritually gifted people are extremely sensitive to energy shifts that are usually undetectable to humans. This may cause their subconscious to stray, floating to another astral plane.

You can predict things before they happen

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Those who are gifted with foresight are clearly touched with a spiritual gift. The ability to predict things before they come to pass is an enviable trait, helping to evade future misfortunes. Predications don’t need to be clear-cut visions, they can be as minimal as a small gut feeling that turns out to be completely accurate.

You have high energy levels

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People who are spiritually blessed tend to have higher energy levels than the rest of us. It’s mainly due to a matter of perspective, continually looking on the bright side of life, turning negative events into positive lessons learned. If you wake up ready to seize the day, you may be more spiritually inclined than you realize.

You feel different

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Going through a spiritual awakening can be a painful, difficult process. You’re shredding your old belief systems, making way for better worldviews. You’re letting go of viewing things through the lens of your ego – which desperately tries to cling to control. Feeling different within yourself can be a sign that you’re about to experience a spiritual evolution.

Your environment changes based on your vibe

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This may sound a little out there, but some people believe that those that are highly in tune with their spirit can alter their surroundings. Usually unconsciously, the weather is thought to mirror their moods, while plants either flourish or perish depending on the constant energy that surrounds them.

Your spiritual and physical health are aligned

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If you notice that you feel low, then a few days later you come down with a cold, it’s actually a good thing! It shows that your physical and spiritual health is in perfect harmony, with the former reflecting the latter. Analyzing your physical health is a great tool to further develop your mental capabilities.

You feel more connected to those around you

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Your vibe attracts your tribe, or so they say. If you’ve noticed that you’ve started picking up on your loved ones’ energies, you’re likely experiencing a spiritual upgrade. Whether it’s knowing when they need a hug, a comforting word, or time alone, picking up on others’ auras is a key sign that you’re spiritually gifted.

You get what you want

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Perhaps the biggest sign that you’re spiritually gifted is that things tend to go your way. It’s not down to random luck – it’s due to your mindset. Keeping a clear, positive headspace about your future is a sure way to manifest it into existence. If things already go your way in life, keep at it. If not, it’s time to release any limiting self-beliefs.