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Clam candy canes

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Mixing festive-themed treats with the taste of the sea is an unusual choice, but one that proves popular for adventurous foodies. Thankfully, no clams are found within its ingredients, instead relying on flavoring to achieve its salty taste. Scents of clam juice mixed with sugar is an odd mix – one you’ll probably want to avoid next festive season.

Deep-fried Mars bars

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Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! Deep-fried Mars bars are exactly what they sound like – the classic chocolate bar coated in a thick layer of oil and crunchy batter. Originating in Scotland, the sweet-and-savory snack will set you back by a whopping 1200 calories.

Jalapeño ice cream

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If you’re a die-hard fan of spice, this may just be your new favorite dessert. Described as a “mind-trick”, the sweet treat offers both the cool taste of ice cream mixed with the spicy kick of the peppers, creating an odd – yet satisfying – blend of flavor.

Cajun squirrel chips

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14 years ago, Walkers ran a competition in the UK to introduce a new chip flavor, including the enigmatic cajun squirrel variety. What a cajun squirrel actually tastes like is anyone’s guess, and now it’s been taken off the market it will forever remain a mystery. The cajun squirrel flavor unsurprisingly lost out to the slightly-less odd builder’s breakfast crisp.

Wasabi Kit Kats

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Blending Eastern and Western flavorings can create some unusual combos, such as the wasabi-flavored Kit Kat. Sold in Japan, these sweet treats are usually kept as souvenirs as opposed to being frequently consumed. Thankfully, the wasabi flavoring is minimal, sacrificing the intense heat for a mild aftertaste.

Banana ketchup

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Don’t be fooled by its crimson color, banana ketchup is surprisingly sweet. Thanks to its high levels of vinegar, it has a sharp, twangy taste, countered by a fruity kick. Popular in the Philippines, it’s usually paired with savory dishes, complimenting the condiment’s sweetness. And, yes, the sauce is made from actual bananas.

Green tea Oreos

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Tea and biscuits are a popular combination across the globe, so why not combine the two? Green tea Oreos are predominantly found in China, hiding a slightly bitter matcha taste within the familiar crunchy exterior. If you’re a tea fan, this snack is definitely worth a try.

Squid ink burgers

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The squid ink burger proved to be so popular that Burger King even launched their own variety in Japan. While the bun is dyed with black charcoal, the burger itself is topped with actual squid ink sauce. Whether it’s to your tastes or not, you can’t deny the dark burger makes for a stunning food snap.

Ambrosia salad

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This sweet dessert takes the popular fruit salad and ups the ante. Ambrosia salads are comprised of tinned fruits – usually pineapple, oranges, and coconut – and mixes them with marshmallows, yogurt, and whipped cream. Obviously, all nutritional content is left by the wayside due to the high sugar content, but it’s worth it for the almost sickly sweet taste.

Yogurt Doritos

Credit: WrecklessEating via YouTube

There are many different flavors of Doritos out in the world, including almond, garlic, and clam. In Korea, the yogurt-flavored variety seems to be the most popular choice. While the chips are relatively tasty – the flavoring being somewhat lowkey – the rigid, harsh texture leaves much to be desired.