With the onset of Valentines Day, what better time to shout about the virtues of being a single lady!



Instead of committing our time, emotion and money into another person we can invest it into our fabulous selves!

Here are RelationshipSurgery’s top 10 reasons why it’s great to be single;


1.     Freedom!

A much underrated benefit of being single but one that should be whole heartedly embraced! It’s like moving out of home for the first time, you can just totally please yourself and don’t’ have to ask anyone’s permission for ANYTHING! – Wear what you like (who cares if that mini is a little short or that top a little low!), see who u like (spend as much time with your family and friends as you like without getting sulky behaviour from a jealous bloke), do what you like (stay out all night, stay in bed all day, leave the house a tip – OR get to bed early, get up with the larks & revel in the immaculateness that your home is with no man to mess it up!)



 2.     Wear No Make Up

Ahh, sometimes it’s the simple things in life that gives us the most pleasure and this is one of those! Rejoice in not having to dash to the bathroom first thing in the morning to fix your face before he wakes, delight in the feeling of letting your skin breathe and revel in the hours saved by not always having to make sure your bronzed, blushed and plucked to within an inch of your life!


3.     Spend on what you like

Forget having to ‘go Dutch’, wasting your money on a date at the footy, or blowing your wages trying to find those perfect Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas/Valentines presents, or spending a fortune in the supermarket on exotic ingredients in a vain effort of re-creating that Michelin star recipe.  No, now is the time to hit the high street, treat yourself to those Jimmy Choos that have been calling out to you or that ‘must have’ bag you see hanging off all the celebs shoulders……..Even better, gather a few other single girlfriends together and book a girls holiday!  There is no better (or fun!) to way to embrace your single status!

4.     No emotional torture!

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with no bloke messing your head! No one to tell you you’re too fat/thin/boring/wild/nice/nasty…..etc! You can enjoy being yourself and with no one close enough to criticise you can allow yourself to feel confident in that wonderful self.

5.     See Friends

Girlfriends are so much more fun to hang with and now you can do it without any inquisition of who you’re seeing, where you’ll be going and how long you’ll be. No one will start texting or calling you when you’re out to see when you’ll be back and you don’t’ have to justify how great your friends are when they’re accused of being a bad influence on you! Girl power!!



 6.     Watch ‘SHE’ TV

Gone are the days of pretending to be interested in the football/rugby (ok, so it has its perks but really you can google Becks’ legs anytime & won’t have to put up with that silly ball getting in the way). Instead you can dedicate your TV to YOU – Fill your sky + with recordings of American Housewives, Americas Top Model, Revenge, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives etc etc and fill you evenings with watching them back to back without feeling one shred of guilt he’s missing the game or hearing one negative comment about your fav shows!

7.     Get Smelly!

A secret us girls all share is that we do actually on occasion pass number 2’s and release a little wind & no, it’s not all pot pourri and roses!! Of course it’s still a secret we don’t’ want to share openly with the opposite sex but it can get quite tiresome (and awkward!) to keep our bodily functions in check when in a relationship. Well now’s the time to let loose (literally!) – fart where you feel like it, on the sofa or in bed, hit the bathroom whenever the urge takes you and you don’t even need to worry about discreet window opening/fanning/air freshening! It’s also the time to abandon all fears of garlic breath or curry sweats so if you fancy a madras or a garlic pizza then tuck in!

8.     Flirty Fun!

You now have full licence to flirt outrageously with whoever takes your fancy. Obviously you’re not looking for a relationship (especially now you know how great it is to be single!) but that just makes it all the more enjoyable.  A no strings attached flirtation can be exciting, lusty and fun! And when you’ve had your fun you can simply cut and run without any of the emotional baggage and ties a relationship brings.

9.     No Faking It

We’ve all been there and got the ‘faking it’ t-shirt! From faking reactions to presents/his friends/parents …….’yes, it just what I’ve always wanted (if I was an 80 year old grandma!)’; ‘yes I LOVE your (sleezy, lechy BO reeking) friend’;  ‘great, I’m soooo pleased to be spending my Sunday round at your parents (you’re your judgemental overbearing mother!)’ To the more intimate faking of ‘no, I’ve not seen any bigger, honestly!’ and ‘oh yes babe, that was wonderful, I am completely satisfied!’ Now you can stick to seeing the only friends and family you like i.e YOURS and pleasing yourself!!!!


10.  Get ready in Your Own Time!

Yey!!! No one to be pacing the carpet impatiently whilst you try and perfect that feline flick with your eyeliner (a good 20 minute job in anyones book!) and dry your locks to an ultimate sheen, and check your oufit(s) from all angles, and try on several pairs of earrings/shoes/coats/bags just to make sure you look great – for HIM! No, now you can take just as long as you like, enjoy a little drink even along the way whilst rocking out to your fav girl power tracks!

If you enjoyed this, please share it with all your single friends x.