So often being sarcastic gets mistaken for being bitchy, but the two really are quite different!



Maybe not all the time, but most of the time there is a distinct difference. Not everyone has the ability to be sarcastic, and almost everyone has the ability to be a bitch.

1. When sarcastic people are being truthful, they’re not trying to be bitchy.



“Don’t shoot the messenger!” They are just saying it how it is.

2. Being bitchy is intended, while being sarcastic is humorous.



When someone is being a bitch, they are purposely being a bitch. When someone is being sarcastic, they are trying being humorous, not trying to be rude.

3. Sarcasm helps you bond.



Sarcastic people know how to take a joke and not make too big of a deal about things. When it comes to their friends, they are more concerned with making jokes than making drama.

4. It helps you deal with people.



Instead of being rude, they channel their frustration with idiots into sarcasm.

5. Being bitchy is on purpose, while being sarcastic is by nature.




Bitchy people decide to be bitchy. You can’t just be mean for no reason at all. Sarcastic people are sarcastic because it’s just their nature.

6. Don’t ask if you don’t want to know my answer.



When you ask a sarcastic person something silly, don’t be offended when they answer you in a sarcastic way! If you don’t want to hear their sarcasm, don’t ask ridiculous questions.

7. Being a bitch is a character flaw, while being sarcastic is a talent.



Being a bitch isn’t something that is considered a positive trait, but talent, talent is always positive.

8. You have to care to be a bitch. You don’t have to care when you’re being sarcastic.



People are often a bitch to others because they are pissed off about something, meaning they care. Sarcastic people don’t care and hardly get pissed off.

9. Being a bitch means you talk behind their back, being sarcastic means you say it to their face.



Everyone can laugh at sarcasm, even the person it’s directed towards. No one thinks it’s funny to be behind a bitchy comment.

10. Being bitchy is given with a look, being sarcastic is through words.



You have to actually think to be sarcastic. Being a bitch doesn’t require much more than moodiness and emotional reaction.


11. You can drop hints to creepers.



You don’t want to be known as a bitch, so you fend off the total creeps with your witty sarcasm.

12. Being a bitch is offensive, but being sarcastic is defensive.



Sarcastic people won’t come at you with their sarcasm, they only respond with it. Being a bitch is basically just taking any opportunity to attack.

13. Bitchy people aren’t amusing. Sarcastic people are.



If you can pick up on sarcasm, it’s almost always funny. Bitchiness isn’t.

14. Being a bitch is directed at people while sarcasm is just a reflection.



People aren’t going to be bitchy to themselves, obviously, but sarcastic people are sarcastic with themselves all the time!

15. Bitchiness shows insecurity, but sarcasm shows insightfulness.



Has anyone else noticed that it’s the insecure people who are always the bitches?


16. It’s bitchy to laugh at someone, but sarcasm lets you laugh with someone.



No one will ever laugh at you for being a mean bitch. But someone will laugh at your sarcasm!

17. Being bitchy is usually about bringing attention to yourself, but being sarcastic usually happens after you already have everyone’s attention.



Being a bitch is a cry for attention, while sarcastic people use the attention they already have to make everyone laugh.