Everyone always dishes on the bossy girls.


Like from the beginning of childhood, no one wanted to play with the bossy girl because, well, she was too bossy. But seriously people, stop being so close-minded. Bossy women are strong, sexy and effective and I think everyone should take a second to recognize all the reasons they are so awesome. So, I took the liberty of opening your eyes and hopefully after reading this you will encourage your children to play with the bossy kids on the playground. Better yet, encourage them to be a little bossier!

1. They are optimistic about asking for help.

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Asking for help isn’t something to be ashamed of, and they completely encourage it! If you need help with something they will one-hundred percent be there for you.

2. They have drive.

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They will always strive to better themselves, even if after they become successful.

3. They are confident.

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Sometimes it can be hard to stand by your opinion when everyone else seems to have a different one. Bossy women are always confident in what they believe and they won’t conform to what anyone else says is right.

4. They are authoritative.

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They are naturally gifted with authority, something many people struggle with. In this day and age, authority is important in getting what you want and achieving your aspirations.

5. They never miss a beat.

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These girls are always prepared for any given situation. They thrive on the opportunity to show off their abilities and will take the chance without missing a beat.

6. They are selfish.

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But in a good way! They say what they need to say and do what they need to do for themselves. If you don’t like it, well, “sorry, not sorry.”

7. They have no shame.

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Therefore, the guilt trip tactic will never work.


8. They have your back.

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No matter what, they will be on your side. They take their friendships seriously and will do anything for you. Even if that means locking your douchy ex in the trunk and taking a three-day windy road trip through the mountains.

9. They play it cool.

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If she got hit by a curveball, you would never guess. These girls know how to bounce back like the best of them.

10. They get what needs to be done, done.

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They don’t let anything get in the way of what needs to be done and take the most effective approach, even if that means being a little harsh at times.

11. They own their power.

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They aren’t afraid to be bossy, loud and demanding. If they have the center stage, the best thing you can do is listen until they are finished.

12. They won’t conform to gender roles.

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You better not ever tell a bossy woman that she “needs to act like a lady” because that is the last thing she will do after hearing those words. Bossy women can keep up with anyone and aren’t afraid to prove it.

13. They love a challenge.

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These women thrive on pushing themselves. They accept a challenge with open arms and won’t give up.


14. They refuse to settle.

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Second best will never do. Good enough will never be good enough. These women want only the best and won’t stop until they get it.

15. They don’t get intimidated by what they don’t know.

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Instead, they improvise.

16. They can’t be manipulated.

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They stand their ground and will not be swayed once their mind is made up. Therefore, manipulation tactics will never work on them.

17. They aren’t afraid to point out mistakes.

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I mean, if you’re doing it wrong don’t you want to know how to do it correctly?

18. They don’t follow conventional rules.

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Or any rules for that matter.

19. They love encouraging others.

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They will support you no matter what you are going through, and will do anything they can to make you feel better about yourself.

20. They love to make decisions.


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