Japan’s scream jar


Most would probably use a stress ball, however, if you are stressed in Japan then the most common tool to use is a scream jar. The jar is supposed to muffle even the loudest of screams, making it the perfect place to let our your frustration. You could even try bringing it to work and using it the room next door to your boss for the next time you get fed up at work!

Prado Museum’s art for the visually impaired


In Madrid, the Prado Museum has introduced replicas of the most famous paintings from around the world for museum-fanatics that are unlike any others. The paintings can actually be touched and felt by people who are visually impaired, thus letting them experience these famous paintings along with everyone else. Estudios Durero invented the concept in 2015 and named it Didu.

South Korea’s shoeshine robot

Credit: YouTube

South Korea is well-known for being super advanced in the automating services section, therefore it’s no surprise that tourists found this fascinating shoeshine robot in Seoul. Apparently, it only costs around $1 to use, but you have to be prepared to sticking your foot into something that looks like it could easily take it off! This seems like a very cool concept!

Japan’s onesie mop


Genius, absolutely genius! I think every parent around the globe will want this, i mean lets face it, our toddlers will crawl on the floor no matter what we do – may as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone! This onesie mop will sweep up dust whilst your baby crawls around without a care in the world, the only downside is that it is only for sale in Japan and of course you’d have to wash this thing constantly.

A body odor checker


I mean, come on, I think most of us could have used this device at least once or twice. This body odor checker connects to your phone and will quickly assess whether or not you have body odor and how bad it is. This device costs a whopping $450, which is an extortionate amount of money for something that your nose can already do – so is it really worth it?

Vending machines that sell live crabs


This is a device that wouldn’t see the light of day in the US, however in Nanjing in China, you can buy live crabs from a vending machine when you get off the subway. The vending machines apparently sell around 200 live crabs a day to hungry commuters on their way home. The containers are actually ice cold, so the crabs are placed in a semi-hibernation making them unable to escape.

Mop slippers


And why hasn’t this been created in the US yet?! It actually makes a lot of sense, you wear your slipper indoors, so why not attach a mop to them and dust while your walking round the house? The best part of this product is that you’re cutting down the amount of times you need to clean your floors by simply wearing some comfy slippers!

China’s airless bike tires


China uses a lot of these bikes, and they’re basically made out of really tough foam. The foam tires have a bunch of air pockets in them, making the tires shock-absorbent whilst also eliminating the possibility of having a flat tire. A lot of manufacturers have tested these tires out of vehicles too, so this may become a reality in the US very soon.

Europe’s no-touch bathroom door opener


I think we’ve all thought about how disgustingly dirty anything in a public bathroom will be, but this invention will relax our minds. It’s a non-touch bathroom door opener, whereby you use your foot to hit a pedal on the floor, and the bathroom door should pop open. This eliminates you to touch a potentially dirty doorknob, which may not eliminate all germs, but it will eliminate many of our germaphobe anxieties.

Italy’s fast food holders


Fast food and driving are crazily stereotypical for us Americans, so why hasn’t this idea been shipped to the US yet?! This cup holder allows you to safely secure and snack on your fast food while driving – it’s genius! However, its imperative to express the importance of solely focusing on driving and trying to multitask, but we are still convinced this invention should be in the US ASAP!