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Dave’s world has crumbled. Remaining faithful could have saved his marriage and family. Now, his affair is public knowledge, spreading online and in that parking lot. His wife emptied their joint bank account, leaving Dave with nothing. It’s a stark reminder of the consequences of infidelity. Learn from Dave’s story and avoid his path.

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Don’t you just love those adorable texts from your partner? It’s even more exciting when they tease you with suspense before revealing the big news. However, this couple’s attempt to synchronize their revelation didn’t go as planned. It’s astonishing how quickly a relationship can go from marriage plans to a sudden breakup in just a matter of seconds.

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Paul’s day is about to take a turn for the worse, although the details remain unknown. In a rather bold move, his spouse chose a local restaurant to declare her desire for a divorce publicly. Thankfully, the dog remains in her custody. Let’s hope no other Pauls misinterpret this message.

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Garage sales are typically a means to declutter belongings that have been held onto for too long. However, it’s uncommon to come across one specifically for getting rid of an ex-partner’s possessions. It’s an intriguing approach to acknowledge a spouse’s infidelity and the subsequent divorce publicly.

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If you’re a pizza lover, this breakup might not be all that terrible since you have a whole meal to devour. However, being single now may leave you feeling queasy. While it was thoughtful of them to buy their ex a pizza as part of the breakup, it’s also quite harsh that the pizza delivery person had to witness and write the breakup message.

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Every relationship is a winding journey filled with unexpected turns. Some are fortunate to have a smooth and peaceful ride with minimal obstacles. However, every journey has its destination, and many relationships eventually reach a place called “heartbreak.” Here’s an example of a driver who only noticed the warning signs when it was already too late.

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The intensity of Emily’s anger towards her ex suggests that something truly terrible must have occurred. Emily’s aim was to grab Steven’s attention and make him aware of the depth of her anger. As it turns out, Steve has been exposed as a deceitful cheater, with the evidence of his infidelity captured on camera, leading to his public humiliation.

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Among the plethora of jokes we’ve encountered, this one stands out as the worst and the best. It’s an interesting approach to delivering the news of a breakup, using humor to soften the blow. It’s hard to decide which aspect is more unsettling: the fact that he turned their breakup into a joke or the belief that it was a gentle way to end things.

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This guy seems to have been engaging in questionable behavior, chatting with a girl named Kelsi on Facebook, and now he’s left to pick up the fragments of his life. It’s a reminder for him to recall certain significant moments in their relationship if he wants to retrieve his belongings. Fortunately, his ex-girlfriend didn’t destroy his possessions, unlike what some others might have done.

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Have you ever made a wish at 11:11? Well, this person had a different experience. She shared her wish with her boyfriend, hoping for a future together forever, while he wished for a breakup in the near future. It’s disheartening, but hopefully, one day, she’ll be able to make a wish again and have someone respond with kindness and warmth.

She’s in love with someone else

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Poor Adam! Not only did his girlfriend breakup with him, she also confessed that she’s in love with someone else (thankfully, it’s not Sam, whoever that is). It makes you wonder how long she’s been emotionally cheating on poor Adam if she’s already in love with somebody else…

Britney and Justin are couple goals, apparently

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Using failed celeb romances as an indirect way to suggest a breakup is hardly the kindest approach. Comparing your relationship to Britney and Justin to promptly nudge your spouse into splitting apart is needlessly cruel. Hopefully, the party being broken up with finds her inner strength, just like Britney Spears did.

It’s over, Batman

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Using a quote to breakup with someone is never a good idea, especially if that quote comes from a mutually enjoyed movie. Way to ruin the Batman franchise forever for this poor guy! In future, it’s best to put your feelings into your own words.

The refusal is almost admirable

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Well, that’s one way to bypass a broken heart – ignore it entirely! This person decided to completely refuse to acknowledge being broken up with, choosing instead to humorously reject all notions of separation. A hilarious method, but one that’s unlikely last in the long run.

If in doubt, get your friend to do it

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Perhaps this was a meticulously crafted plan on Derek’s behalf, getting his friend to break the news of a delayed breakup. If not, this friend in question truly lacks any form of empathy, and seems to have an uncanny habit of putting their foot in their mouth.

The sass is strong with this one

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Some people fail to see the point of a breakup, so blinded by their own hurt. Responding with “You’ll never find someone like me” entirely evades the purpose of separating, as this person was quick to point out. In her defense, she did apologize initially, attempting to break the news gently.

A little humour to ease the breakup blues

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We’ve all experienced an autocorrect moment gone wrong, but perhaps not quite as bad as this. Autocorrect interfering during a breakup is possibly one of the most awkward experiences, but thankfully this person managed to see the funny side. As for the person that was being broken up with? Well, it’s unlikely that they took solace in the accidental joke.

To be fair, this one is understandable

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A matching sense of humor is vitally important when it comes to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. So is knowing Tina Turner’s entire discography, according to this Tumblr scroller. While this is likely just a joke, it would be somewhat understandable to break up with someone due to their clearly lacking music knowledge.

A wrong number is a chance for a trial run

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The universe works in strange ways, least of all connecting you with a complete stranger to test out your breakup message. Seeking the approval of someone you’ve never met is an odd choice, but we’ll give the guy a break – breakups are a terribly hard thing to navigate.

Smooth or awkward? You decide

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This response is actually quite clever, claiming that they’d immediately get back with their partner if they were broken up with. Hopefully, the sweet (and funny) message didn’t get lost in translation, ending the relationship over misconstrued humor. A risky move, but one that’s certain to bring a chuckle.

Breakups require a high level of efficiency

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Breakups are a hard process, and figuring out what message to write is a stressful process. Thankfully for this woman, she only had to write it once, as she created a group chat to send it to all the guys she was dating in one fell swoop. Efficient, but definitely lacking in class.

I’m breaking up with you. Can I meet your friends?

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This man had a lucky escape, by the looks of things. After breaking up with him over his lack of financial stability, his ex-girlfriend goes on to ask if she could be introduced to any of his single friends, even offering to pay for the introductions! Hopefully, he blocked her and never looked back.

He cares. Kinda…

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Hot tip: If a guy ever says that he “guesses” that he cares, he doesn’t care one iota about you – and you’re best off running a mile. Your partner should fight to be with you, not roll over and give up at the first sign of a struggle.

This little girl is going places

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Rachel is having none of Shawn’s behavior, unwilling to put up with being treated second best, even at a young age. We can’t help but wonder where Rachel is now. And, more importantly, did Shawn buck up his ideas and ever manage to find true love?

Mom is keeping it real

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After sending a slew of profanities to his mother that were meant for his girlfriend, this guy’s mom sided with the ex, savagely roasting her son in the process. Let that be a harsh lesson in having a potty mouth – you never know who your message might reach.

This breakup letter was so good it was framed

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This letter is hilarious at face value, but is even funnier with context. The receiver of this letter later came out as being homosexual, never dating another woman again after this very day. Looks like there was a reason why he was spending all of his time with his friends, after all!

Reddit was the breaking point

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After having her fill of being made fun of, this girl decided that a joke about Reddit was the final straw in her relationship. It’s easy to see both sides here – repeatedly being made to feel inferior is enough to drive anyone to breaking point. Equally, she did call her boyfriend an idiot, so perhaps there’s a reason for his constant jabs.

Revenge is sweet

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This guy’s ex chose an odd way to represent her heartbreak, by breaking all of his Kit-Kat bars to show how much he hurt her. While we appreciate the visual representation, it does come with a few red flags. Why Kit-Kats? How did she break them? Are they still edible? We’ll never know…

Autocorrect revealed her true colors

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This poor guy’s relationship was left in tatters when autocorrect got in the way. Turning a flirty message into a disaster, his night was completely turned upside down. At least he discovered his girlfriend’s true intentions before he got too deeply involved… but it’s still got to hurt.

A formal way to end things

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Instead of taking the usual route of sending a breakup text, this guy decided to write a formal letter. While he doesn’t name-call or point fingers, it paints him out to be the bad guy, painting him as overly pretentious. Whatever the backstory was here, it’s likely that they’re better off without each other.

Why use words when you can use emojis?

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This boyfriend took the easy way out when breaking up with his girlfriend. Instead of using his words to express his feelings, he resorted to sending a slew of emojis, almost representing a hieroglyphic response. If these actions are anything to go by, the girl had a lucky escape.

Some things are better left unsaid

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This is a prime example of why you should never joke about breaking up with your boo. For this boyfriend, it certainly backfired, leaving his hopes of marriage in pieces (and, probably, unsent). It may be painful, but this was clearly an important lesson to be learned.

That’s how to mcdo it!

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Well, that’s one way to do it. Breaking up with someone in a public place is generally frowned upon, as is making a fast food-related joke in an attempt to soften the blow. If this Twitter user truly did witness this event, it’s likely a memory that will stick with him forever.

At least he’s still got his boys

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Having a support system around you during a breakup is highly important, as this Lord of the Rings fan discovered. After his ex refused to watch his favorite movie, he’s at least has got his boys in his corner. Besides, if your other half needs to be persuaded to spend time with you, is she really the one?

This is just the worst timing ever…

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Being broken up with the day before Valentine’s Day has go to hurt, especially as this girl was merrily preparing gifts for her boyfriend. While it had to sting, at least she’ll be able to eventually move on. Hopefully she kept the receipt for his presents…

A poem isn’t always a good idea

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While he certainly has a way with words, a scathing poem isn’t necessarily the best course of action – no matter how well-written it may be. Referring to your ex as “barren” and “impenetrable” is only likely to make her feel worse. Besides, poems are usually seen as being a romantic gesture – not a method used to inflict pain.

At least she’ll be able to eat her feelings

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As far as breakups go, this is one of the better options. While it’s awkward for the cake decorator to create, and it may be painful for the girl in question to receive, it does have one distinct advantage: You get to eat your feelings away!

The truth hurts

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Sometimes, a clean break is the easiest (and kindest) thing to do. Wanting to keep your ex in your life is understandable, but it rarely ever works. Telling his recent ex that he doesn’t wish to be friends due to him moving away will hopefully give her the closure she needs.

Nobody can “force” you to do anything

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Whatever this context is here, this ex-boyfriend isn’t coming off very well at all. Drawing attention to the fact that he looked at other girls while they were together and believing that he was “forced” into dating his girlfriend are all the signs we need to know that this guy is toxic.

Sometimes, silence is the only answer

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This person was reportedly spammed with endless phone calls and text messages, being begged to discuss things. When she offered to fulfill his offer, he backed out, claiming that he’s “doing really good”. Unlikely, he probably just wanted to hurt her like she hurt him.