He Was Bullied In School For Being Ginger. Now He Has The Last Laugh



Louis Evans was teased all his school life for his ginger locks and freckled face.┬áLouis is 6ft 3″ tall and now lives in London where he attends exclusive nightclubs and celeb parties. His mother is a former beauty queen and his height has most likely been inherited from his father.



The model’s mum of a former beauty queen [SWNS]



As a child he had not yet developed his distinctive look [SWNS]



Louis readily admits that as a child he didn’t possess his ‘model’ looks as a child.

He said: “I’ve got a photo from three years ago and I still have no cheekbones.

“I got to 20 and suddenly I just had them and the acne cleared up and now my face is flawless.


“I started getting a lot of attention, especially when I moved to London.

“I like to think it’s the fact I’m slim, tall and have the face that’s got me noticed, but I think having red hair does make me different.

“Working as a stationary salesman was the most boring job. It was just terrible and I walked out.

“I always had so much drive and ambition and energy but I never knew what to do with it.

“Nothing I did seemed to be the right thing and then I moved to London and it all clicked in to place.”


If you have any friends with red hair, they would love this!