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Henry Cavill

Credit: QuenAxii via YouTube

Along with being a heartthrob, Henry Cavill is a massive geek, sinking hundreds of hours into video games. Alongside his gaming interests, Cavill is also an avid fan of the tabletop game Warhammer, painting his numerous figurines during 2020’s lockdown. It’s only apt, then, that Cavill is set to star in a live-action Warhammer movie.

Paris Hilton

Credit: Paris Hilton via YouTube

Socialite Paris Hilton is primarily known for her handbags, shoes, and makeup. It may come as a surprise, then, that Paris is an eager animal rights advocate, constantly campaigning for better conditions for our furry friends. She also has a keen interest in collecting frogs, spending time with her hoppy pals before releasing them back into the wild.

Tom Holland

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What does Tom Holland do in his spare time? Work out? Watch Spider-Man movies? Well, maybe, but his favorite hobby is watching fan edits of the K-pop band BTS on YouTube. It shouldn’t come as a huge shock, as BTS have amassed over 40 million global listeners each month. Who knows how many other celebrities are secret superfans?

Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is known for her outlandish wigs, constantly mixing up her look through her stylish hair choices. It may come as no shock, then, to learn that Perry collects strands of hair from her pop peers, carrying around a strand of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift’s hair in her purse. You do you, Katy.

Lady Gaga

Credit: @ladygaga via Twitter

Due to her outlandish and enigmatic personality, one of Lady Gaga’s hobbies may surprise you. The Oscar-winning singer frequently practices meditation, quieting her mind to achieve a peaceful state of inner zen. Quite the opposite from her aggressive and bewitching stage persona – but it’s good to see celebrities prioritizing their mental health.

Joe Manganiello

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Joe Manganiello is best known for playing a hunky stripper in the Magic Mike franchise. In his downtime, he can be found in his basement for hours at a time. Not playing poker, but running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns with his geeky pals. Sometimes, these games can last for days at a time, showing just how dedicated Manganiello is to his favorite hobby.


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If you think that Queen Bee is just a clever nickname on Beyoncé’s part, you’d be mistaken. The global superstar actually has 80,000 bees at her Hamptons home, creating hundreds of jars of honey each year. Perhaps that’s the real reason she dresses up as a Queen Bee, night after night, on her tour.

Mike Tyson

Credit: 2 Danny 2 Furious via YouTube

Mike Tyson has a soft side – he has a deep love for pigeons. So much so, he even dumped a girlfriend because she cooked and ate one of his beloved birds. The former heavyweight boxing champion looks after over 1000 pigeons, claiming that they “teach us the lesson of being compassionate”. Who knew he was such a softie?

Nic Cage

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Nicholas Cage isn’t afraid to splash his cash, making some odd purchases over the years, including a deserted island and a castle. Perhaps his strangest purchase is buying a seven-million-year-old dinosaur skull, engaging in a furious bidding war with fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately, the skull turned out to be stolen, so Cage had to return it.

Tom Hanks

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Of all the obsessions to have, collecting typewriters is probably the most wholesome. Owning around 250 typewriters in total, Hanks uses them every single day, writing up to-do lists with the outdated machines. The actor claims he loves typewriters as they allow you to “blacksmith shaped sentences hot out of the forge of your mind”.