Stay Awake and Alert on Takeoff and Landing


While it may be tempting to doze off upon boarding the plane, resisting that urge is advisable. Regrettably, your ears struggle to equalize pressure during takeoff and landing. Our recommendation? Stay awake and chew gum to alleviate discomfort.

Lay Off the Ice


An ice-cold beverage can be incredibly refreshing, especially during a long flight. However, avoiding requesting one on your next plane ride is advisable. Apart from the potential imbalance between the beverage and ice in a glass, the ice cubes themselves are sourced from the water tank, which may not always undergo proper cleaning.

Dress for the Occasion


Choose your airport and flight attire wisely. Avoid tight clothes that restrict movement, even for business trips. Opt for comfortable attire like soft pants, loose-fitting t-shirts, and cozy sweaters, and consider adding a scarf for warmth. Being prepared with comfortable clothing ensures a pleasant flight experience.

The Early Bird Catches the Flight


Missing your flight is a dreadful experience, so avoiding traffic and arriving at the airport early is essential. While this advice may be familiar, it’s worth reiterating. The ideal amount of time before boarding is still a topic of debate, with some suggesting 3 hours or more. Regardless, arriving early is crucial to mitigate unexpected challenges like lengthy check-in queues or slow parking lot shuttles.

Lounge Around


Frequent travelers should seriously consider utilizing airport lounges. Some individuals access them through credit card benefits or excellent frequent flyer programs. The American Express Platinum card is widely preferred, granting free access to numerous North American airports for cardholders. While some lounges may require a small fee, the advantages they offer make it worthwhile.

Don’t Delay


While you may not have complete control over flight disruptions, data reveals a clear pattern. Opting for an early morning flight significantly reduces the chances of delays. It’s an unspoken rule: the later you fly, the higher the likelihood of encountering postponements.

Bring on the Layers


This tip highlights the importance of dressing comfortably for a flight. As the experts suggest, layering is key. The airplane climate can fluctuate rapidly, ranging from freezing to scorching hot within moments. By layering your clothing, you can adapt to these changes easily. Stay prepared, and if it becomes too hot, you can use the extra layers as a makeshift pillow.

Put Your Best Foot Forward


Choose lightweight and breathable shoes for travel, avoiding heels or tight formal footwear. You may need to move quickly through security and to your gate. On the plane, consider kicking off your shoes for comfort. Opt for easy-to-slip-off and put-on shoes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Don’t Forget to Check-in


Ensure a stress-free journey by checking in early, eliminating check-in stress. Avoid long queues by dropping off your luggage and proceeding directly to security, granting extra time for essential tasks like charging your phone. Don’t risk a dead phone on an 18-hour flight. Simplify your experience by utilizing the airline app for convenient check-in, available from most operators.

Stay Away From Fizzy Drinks


While a cold Coke or soda may be refreshing, it’s best to avoid them on long-haul flights. Carbonated drinks can cause excessive air swallowing, leading to discomfort in your digestive system and potentially resulting in burping or flatulence. Additionally, changes in altitude during the flight can cause the air inside you to expand and potentially cause discomfort.