Try a nasal irrigation

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It might look strange and feel like a car wash inside your head, but nasal irrigation is one of the most powerful natural cures for allergies. Running a saline solution through your sinuses will clear out any congestion and have you breathing like you never have before.

Eat more probiotic food

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Science is pretty settled on the fact that gut health has a huge influence on our bodies. The bacteria you cultivate and the hormones they create can impact your metabolism and allergies. The live cultures in probiotic food like yogurt, miso, pickled vegetables, and kombucha, have all been shown to ease allergic reactions.

Look to the ocean

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Spirulina is a powerful alga that has seen a big surge in popularity, being used in all kinds of meal replacements and supplements. Among its many nutritional benefits, it has been shown to increase white blood cell production. This will give your antibodies a boost to help fight all kinds of allergens.

Eat more quercetin

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This compound is found in all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as brassicas, herbal teas, and citrus fruits. While the science is not yet conclusive, many health and well-being professionals claim that quercetin can help regulate your histamine production, due to its antioxidant properties.

Take vitamin C supplements


While you can always increase your vitamin C intake through your diet, the daily recommended dose to treat allergies is around 2000mg. That’s an awful lot more than you could feasibly eat naturally, even if you demolished four grapefruits for breakfast. Thankfully, vitamin C supplements are a quick and commonly available fix!

Burn some essential oils

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The essential oil craze of the 90s all but fizzled out for a while, but they certainly still have their uses. Aside from being the go to scent of hippies worldwide, oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense can have incredible health benefits. Burning them has been linked to enough of a reduction in bronchial asthma to warrant clinical trials.

Raw garlic is better than supplements

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Any alkaline-rich food packed with antioxidants is going to have a great benefit on your immune system, and garlic has been a go-to natural remedy for millennia. As garlic is dried and processed, it loses a lot of its volatile but oh-so-nutritious chemical compounds, so consider incorporating more raw, fresh garlic into your diet.

Source some local honey

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It might sound a little bit witch doctor but plenty of research has been conducted into the nutritional benefits of organic honey. Not only is it packed with antioxidants, but it can also outperform traditional medicine for alleviating flu-like symptoms. Local honey will also have been made by bees carrying the pollens native to your area, boosting your immunity against them.

Brew some nettle tea

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Plenty of herbs have immune system-boosting effects, but the humble stinging nettle is one of the most recommended by experts. Don’t stress about stings – it can be taken in any number of forms, from freeze-dried powders, to supplement tablets. It can even be brewed into a tea to harness its natural, histamine-controlling properties.

Take care of your environment

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One of the best things you can do to keep your allergies in check is to make sure your space is free from pollutants in the first place. Hoover and dust frequently, use hypo-allergenic cosmetics and be careful when you keep your windows open. You can also invest in an air filter or purifier to help clear the dander floating around.