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Overlooking knobs and handles

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You and your whole family touches handles and knobs on multiple things in the kitchen, including the microwave, fridge, oven, cabinets, and even the door. Bacteria can be easily spread throughout handles in the home, so make sure you clean these areas down as much as you can.

Cutting meat on a wooden chopping board

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Cutting meat on a wooden chopping board is a big no-no when it comes to health and hygiene. It is important to make sure you utilise plastic chopping boards when you are cutting meat, because doing it on wooden boards will cause the meat juices to seep into the wood, risking cross-contamination and potential illness.

You forget about the kitchen sink

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The kitchen sink can actually contain a lot of E.coli, as it is the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and grow. In fact, there is more E.coli in the kitchen sink than in the toilet, so you need to try to make sure you clean your sink on a regular basis to stay on top of this and keep yourself and your family healthy.

Not ventilating your kitchen whilst cleaning

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You need to make sure you ventilate the kitchen during the process of cleaning. There are so many different chemicals that will be floating around the room whilst you are cleaning your kitchen, so it is important to ensure there is adequate ventilation.

You ignore your coffee maker

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The thing with your coffee machine is that you likely use it more than you clean it, and this is something that can impact the taste of your java – as well as your health. Run two parts water and one part distilled white wine vinegar through the brew cycle around once a month to stay on top of this.

Not cleaning out your washing machine filter

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When you try to keep on top of your washing and laundry, you are going to need to make sure you clean out your filter as frequently as possible. It is important to make sure that you are aware of the machine filter cleaning process and commit to the upkeep. This is going to ensure that the machine remains in full working order, as well as keeping your clothes looking great too.

Putting your sharp knives through the dishwasher

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This is a big no-no, and the absolutely best way of ruining and destroying those knives. Instead, these need to be hand washed in the sink so that they maintain their sharpness and prolong their longevity and usefulness. A good set of knives can be expensive, so it is important to make the most of this.

Leaving your fridge too long without cleaning it

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Your fridge is one of the most important parts of your kitchen, and is something you really need to make sure is as clean and hygienic as possible. Too many people wait far too long to actually clean out their fridges, and this is something you should be looking to do on a weekly basis.

You think your oven will clean itself

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Yes, whilst it is true that some ovens have an in-built self-cleaning function, these are not something you should rely on. Because of the positioning of the heating elements, you need to get in there and give the oven a proper clean, ensuring that you allow for proper ventilation as well.

Ignore mold and mildew

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Mold and mildew can form for any number of reasons, and they can be quite unsightly, as well as producing a number of health problems. This is why you need to pay close attention to mold and mildew, particularly in your bathroom and kitchen, and try to deal with this as best you can.

Forgetting that reusable grocery bags need to be cleaned

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Reusable grocery bags are a wonderful way of saving money and being more environmentally-friendly, but they also need to be kept clean as much as possible too. These bags can be germ magnets, so, according to studies, you should be trying to keep these clean by turning them inside out, spraying with an all-purpose cleaner, and letting them dry.

Not using a fresh sponge

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We’re not suggesting you should switch your sponge every time you go to wash or clean a new item, but you do need to keep an eye on your sponge usage as it’s something that can go overlooked. Replacing with a fresh sponge every few weeks is definitely one of the best steps you can take to be more hygienic.

Overlooking your removable stove burners

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If you are cleaning the top of your hob properly, then you will be encountering the stove burners, and there is no excuse to not keep them clean. These are key parts of your kitchen, and of the food preparation process, and you can clean them effectively by placing them in a zip-lock bag with 1/2 cup of ammonia, and letting them sit overnight.

Using bleach too regularly

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Bleach is one of the best ways of being able to clean things more effectively, but you also have to make sure you aren’t using it too much. Bleach contains chlorine compounds and fumes that can negatively impact air quality, which can lead to adverse health conditions.

You never clean the inside of the dishwasher door

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According to studies, more than 60% of dishwasher doors contain some degree of fungi on the rubber seal, and around the inside of the door. Being able to keep your dishwasher clean, and reduce your chances of getting sick, is the best thing you can do to be able to keep your kitchen cleaner.

Combining too many cleaning products

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Combining cleaning products might seem like a good idea, but this is actually something that can cause a lot of issues with toxic gases, something that can actually be harmful to your health. Read the instructions carefully on products in order to make sure you are using them correctly.

You clean the floors first

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Yes, it is clear that the floors are essential to keep clean, but you need to make sure you don’t clean them first. It may seem obvious, but the more you walk around the kitchen, the more you make it dirty. When cleaning, then, it makes sense to leave your floors until last, cleaning up any final remnants of dirt that may have fallen from the countertop.

Neglecting spice racks and jars

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Your spice rack is one of the most magical areas of your kitchen, and is a treasure trove when it comes to seasoning your food effectively. However, the issue is that these spice rack jars harbor bacteria if they aren’t cleaned regularly, and this means you need to keep them clean and hygienic as much as possible.

Your water filter jug hasn’t been cleaned in months

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Your water filter jug is one of the best ways of being able to enjoy fresh and clean water, but you need to make sure you keep the jug clean as much as possible. Taking apart all the pieces, and giving them a proper wash is the best way of being able to keep your jug clean and hygienic.

Putting dishes away when they’re still wet

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to cleaning their kitchens is that they put dishes away when they’re still wet. This creates an environment with a lot of moisture, which is ideal for microbial growth, and causes bacteria to thrive.

Overlooking your smaller appliances

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Appliances like toasters, blenders, juicers, and your microwave are all key components of the kitchen, and it can be easy to take them for granted when you’re reaching for them everyday. You need to keep on top of their maintenance, making sure you clean them on a regular basis in order to prevent the risk of bacteria and disease spreading.

Not storing meat correctly in the fridge

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The way you store meat comes with plenty of health and safety implications, but too many people overlook the importance of this. It’s not just in the preparation and clean up, how you keep it plays a vital role in your safety. Raw meat needs to be stored at the bottom of the fridge, as to not risk bacteria leaking, with cooked meat and veggies placed on the shelves above.

Cleaning the dirtiest stuff first

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It is important to make your cleaning process as balanced and efficient as possible, and this means avoiding cleaning the dirtiest stuff first. This is going to dirty your water if you’re washing up, making it less hygienic for the other items, in addition to dirtying your cloths, sponges, and other cleaning materials before you’ve made any progress.

Preparing food without a chopping board

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to cleaning and being hygienic in their kitchens is preparing food directly onto the surface, without a chopping board. This is likely to contaminate the food and possibly even the surface, so avoid this as much as possible to keep yourself safe.

Using the same cloth around the house

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Using the exact same cloth for different rooms of the house is one of the worst steps you can take in terms of health and hygiene. You don’t want to risk the spread of bacteria, as well as mixing the different surfaces that your cloth has been exposed to. Make sure you have a different cloth for each room.

Cleaning from the bottom up

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Cleaning from the bottom up might seem logical at first, but it’s actually counter-intuitive to do this. This is because when you are cleaning taller surfaces, dirt and debris will fall down to the ones below, which will dirty them again. So, make sure you clean from the top down to deal with this problem.

Overloading your dishwasher

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Another issue that homeowners face when looking to clean their properties is that they overload the dishwasher. Now, whilst you may not think this would be dangerous, what it actually means is that your dishes may not clean properly, which can present a number of obvious health risks.

Only using dish soap on chopping boards

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Chopping boards are an essential piece of kitchen equipment, and it is vital to make sure you both use and clean them correctly. The best way of being able to achieve this is to ensure they are thoroughly and properly cleaned. This means you need to use more than simple dish soap, and try to use some sort of bleach solution to make sure you get a deep clean.

Not cleaning the TV remote

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You may not think that your TV remote needs to be cleaned, but think about how often it is picked up and touched. It can actually harbor incredible amounts of dirt, dust and bacteria. Overlooking this is something that you need to stay on top of regularly if you want to keep you and your family as healthy as possible. Use a microfiber cloth to give this a clean.

Assuming your washing machine cleans itself

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Though your washing machine is literally designed to clean things, this doesn’t mean it can clean itself effectively. If you leave it uncleaned, over time you are going to find your clothes less clean. Each month, you should mix a solution of white wine vinegar and baking soda, and run it (empty) through a hot wash.

Spraying directly onto surfaces

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Another common mistake people make when they are cleaning their kitchens is that they spray cleaning product directly onto surfaces. The problem with this is that it can drip into crevices and result in a build-up of cleaning solution and chemicals. Despite being thought of as ‘clean’, this is obviously no good for your home or health.

Assuming your toilet brush handle is clean

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Using the toilet brush to scrub the bowl and keep your toilet looking as clean as possible is an important part of health and hygiene. However, a lot of people assume the handle of the brush is clean, so they touch it with their hands and don’t wash directly afterward – big mistake!

Not cleaning your cleaning tools

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Making sure you clean your cleaning tools is one of the best things you can do to remain hygienic and healthy, and stay on top of your cleaning. The problem is that too many people actually forget to do this, and it can pose a number of possible health risks.

Cleaning bare handed

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Believe it or not, cleaning bare handed is not actually advisable because of the fact that harsh chemicals can impact your skin. This could then be transferred to your eyes or mouth, which presents further issues. So you need to make sure you wrap your hands up, and that you are using gloves.

Not washing your hands enough

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This is an obvious one, but one that is overlooked far too often. You should be washing your hands regularly in the kitchen, before and after cleaning, as well as prepping food. If you’re going from handling raw meat to handling other food, you’ll need to wash your hands in between too to prevent cross contamination.

Not using the correct cleaning tools

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Now, it might seem silly to say, but you really do need to make sure you are using the right cleaning tools when cleaning your kitchen. This means not trying to prise baked or (worse) burnt cheese off a pot using a huge kitchen knife. This is not particularly safe, for obvious reasons, and it’s also potentially damaging for knife and pot!

Storing food at incorrect temperatures

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Something else you need to keep in mind is making sure you are storing food at the correct temperature. There are so many elements that you need to consider here, in terms of preventing both illness and food waste. Too warm, or even too cold, can prompt obvious spoilage, but also less visible bacteria growth.

Not emptying your food waste in time

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It is important to make sure you are emptying your food waste bin on a regular basis. This is something you need to keep in mind when you are keeping your kitchen clean. Your food waste bin plays a big role in helping you deal with your food waste, and you need to make sure you empty this and clean it out regularly.

Not cleaning out your ice cube tray

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Believe it or not, ice cube trays can get dirty, and can accumulate mold, bacteria, and other things. This means that they can prove a danger to both your health and well-being, despite going overlooked by many. Keeping your trays as clean as possible is the obvious place to start, as well as ensuring ice is not sat there for too long and, if possible, not left open.

Not cleaning the range hood

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A dirty and clogged up range hood can be a fire hazard, and will also result in the extractor not working correctly, which can result in health or breathing hazards over time. Make sure you clean the filter and surfaces in order to try to ensure the range hood is in full working at all times.