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Non-Cast Iron

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If all your non-stick pans are getting that odd brown hue on them whilst you cook, then you need to ditch them. When you get the hang of cooking with a cast iron, the benefits are amazing. No more of the odd brown hue that ruins all your pans! If you have the budget and patience to clean it properly, then consider switching out your skillets.

Old liquor

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I mean, we aren’t saying that you should drink an entire bottle of gin by yourself. But everyone knows that alcohol goes bad and will lose any of the enjoyable flavor after just 1 year of it being opened. So trash your old liquors, its just not worth it, it won’t be enjoyable and no amount of money will convince me otherwise.

Grated parmesan

Packaged Processed Foods

In general, just leave the shredded parmesan on the grocery store shelves. This is because the manufacturers actually coat it’s pieces in cellulose, which is made from tree bark and other plant fiber, to stop the cheese from clumping. So stop buying it! Instead, try rubbing fresh cheese on a grater.


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Lets be honest, we’ve all bought spices that we’ve never bought. And yes, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but all of our shelves would appreciate a good clear out, so why not get rid of the spices we never use? I mean, they’re just taking up space at this point, and for what? Because you heard 10 years ago that it’s good for arthritis?

Cracked mugs

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There comes an inevitable time in a mugs life where they have to move out of the house. You can usually tell it’s time when the cup grows a beard, starts reading literature, and pontificating philosophies, after that; it’ll form a huge crack down its side.

Mildewy mats

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Having a bath or a kitchen mat is an apartment essential, but we always forget that they should be laundered like any other piece of clothing! Just… remember to look after it, will you?

Excess tupperware

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Everyone’s mum used to have a cupboard just full of Tupperware boxes for those ‘just in case’ moments. However, few kitchen items can be as useful as Tupperware, but the missing and cracked tops are a nightmare! Gather up those Tupperware, toss it, and buy some cheap replacements. You’d be stunned to remember all the canisters that are supposed to have lids!

Blunt knives

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You should never be surprised when a knife cuts through something “like butter”. That’s actually how they’re supposed to work! You should be able to slide through materials with total ease, so if you find your knife struggling to pierce the skin of an orange – either sharpen it, or trash it!

Speciality items – zoodler

Credit: Kelley Quigley via YouTube

We’re all guilty of it; buying the novelty kitchen tool that we saw on late-night television. They’re just so enticing! You truly believe these products will help us eat healthy and that we’ll FINALLY start doing it again. If you haven’t used the zoodler stuffed into turning gears of the Lazy Susan in the past 6 months – then take it to trash island.

Delivery Garbage

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I understand, its good practice to reduce waste. But a drawer full off of-brand ketchup, duck sauce and plastic cutlery that hasn’t been touched in months is just a drawer full of sadness. Today is the day you will start using the forks you saved, or toss them in the trash.