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You shampoo too much

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It seems pointless right? People think shampoo is used to clean your hair, so they should use it as much as possible, but that’s incorrect. Shampooing ‘confuses’ your scalp and leads to overactive glands and greasy hair. Try shampooing every other day or maybe even once a week. The less you shampoo, the more tolerable your hair becomes with the grease.

You condition everywhere

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Misusing conditioner is a leading cause of greasy hair. This is because, your hair can end up being weighed down and if its placed on the top of your head then it can badly affect the natural oils in your hair. Therefore, place the conditioner on the mid-to-end of your hair instead, where the drier, older stands are. This will still give it moisture without making it greasy.

You don’t clean your pillowcases

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Now, we don’t mean just washing your pillow cases – you will most likely do that anyway. But with that, use a detergent that softens and adds a scent to your hair. This way, it avoids any left over oils from your pillow getting back onto your hair when sleeping. Although, avoid using heavily scented fragrances as this can aggravate your scalp.

You don’t clean your brush

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Similar to dirty pillowcases, hair brushes can contain left over contaminants that can irritate your scalp. An irritated scalp often leads to more production of oil, making your hair greasier. Experts therefore recommend cleaning your brush regularly to avoid the build of contaminated hair. This reduces the likelihood of an irritated scalp.

You touch your hair too much

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When you touch your hair with your hands, it leaves a greasy residue which results in greasy hair. This is because your hands produce their own oils that keeps the moisture within, however constantly touching your hair can cause the oil to build up on your hair also. To avoid this, try tying your hair up out of the way.

The products you use are too heavy

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When choosing what products to wash your hair with, you must keep in mind what it is you want them to do. For example, if your hair gets oily easy then don’t overuse mouses, gels or any other heavy products as this can lead to excess build up of grease. Also, keep in mind that shampoos that ‘add shine’ often contain heavy oils which will make your hair greasier.

You’re using the wrong dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo is a lot of women’s go-to when there isn’t enough time to wash hair. It absorbs the moisture from the hair to provide a clean, ungreased look, however you must sure you aren’t using it too much. Overusing dry shampoo can affect how much oil your scalp produces, leaving the hair becoming more greasy than before.

You straighten your hair pin-straight

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Women often straighten their hair everyday to achieve a put-together look. However, pin-straight hair that lays flat against the scalp can gather more oil. Instead, curly or wavy hair will delay the dreaded greasy-look due to its added volume. Therefore, consider wearing your hair curly once a week using a curling wand.

Using too much products on your scalp

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To avoid the greasy hair, you should avoid using serums and masks on your roots on a regular basis. Hair treatments like these are meant to be used as and when some dry hair desperately needs moisturising. However, even then, it should never be placed on your roots. This is because your roots already produce oils, so it’s only need at the ends.

You don’t have a shower head filter!

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Believe it or not, your shower head has a lot to do with whether your hair gets greasy or not. The chemicals in tap water build up from your pipes and can then trickle down into your hair from the shower head. Therefore, get a shower head filter which will filter out any of the contaminants which may have previously affected your hair.