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Presidents have to pick up after their dogs

Credit: Gary Fabiano-Pool via Getty Images

Former president, Barack Obama, made headlines after he told a bunch of second graders how he’d pick up his dog, Bo’s poop when he’d take him for a walk every night. The kids responded with a collective ‘ewwww’ hilariously after, and the president further explained that that was one of the responsibilities of having a dog.

Window are off limits

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There’s nothing better than opening your window to let a breeze in, however this is a luxury that the first family isn’t allowed. The reason for this is basically because of security concerns – the last thing you’d want as a secret agent is a bunch of windows open for anyone to crawl into. Even Michelle Obama stated she was looking forward to opening a window once she moved.

You can have Prom there

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If you’re the kid of a president, then it’s possible to have your prom in the White House. It has only happened once, and it was for the daughter of Gerald Ford in 1975. Her class actually paid for it also, raising money through fundraisers and bake sales. I mean, that’s pretty cool – not many people can say they’ve been to the first family’s home!

It’s allegedly haunted

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Former president George W. Bush’s daughter, Jenna, made headlines when she told as publication that the White House is haunted. Many others have confirmed this, like Harry S. Truman and Winston Churchill, who have stated they’ve seen or heard things that they could never explain. Sightings have consisted of Abraham Lincoln and also hearing the 1950s piano being played.

There’s only one piece of original furniture

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The war of 1812 happened after the American Revolution, however during this, the British marched on Washington D.C. and burned down the White House. Most of the furniture was destroyed, however James Madison’s wife Dolly, managed to save a portrait of George Washington. It was the only thing they could save and it still hangs to this day.

Pet stains can stick around

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A lot of presidents from the past have had a pet, and we all know how messy pets can be. It turns out that not all of the president’s messes are immediately taken care of at the White House. The Obama’s biographer reported that pee stains from the Bush’s cat were still on the carpet when they moved in!

It (might) come with a cool command center

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There are loads of conspiracy theories about the White House, and of course there’ll be some things they don’t want the public to know. However, in 2010 the White House was found to be undergoing some construction which led to the public thinking that a secret command center was being built due to heavy beams and concrete being taken in.

Mice and roaches inhabit the house

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The White House is pretty old, and there’s no way of making sure pests don’t get in – so it’s no surprise that this happens. However, people are still shocked when it was reported that the White House had requested an exterminator in 2017. Apparently, there were mice in the Navy’s mess haul and the situation room.

There are no free meals

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Okay, there are some free meals, however presidents do receive a bill at the end of the month for their family’s personal meals. They’re also charged fees for other things like toothpaste and dry cleaning – and this doesn’t come cheap! However, there is one silver lining; the business expenses are taken care of by taxpayers.

You might have to still make your bed

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So, this is kind of conditional, but just because you live in the White House doesn’t mean you don’t have to make your own bed. When the Obama’s moved in, Michelle Obama told the staff that they weren’t to touch their daughter’s beds. This was to demonstrate the importance of making their own beds. They also had to do other chores through cleaning up after themselves.