The best people in life are the ones who come with little quirks and weird mannerisms.

It’s no secret that the most interesting and entertaining people are those who embrace their inner freak, whether it’s trendy or not. They just are who they are, living in their own strange world and completely content.

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If you know someone like this, stop what you are doing, break up with your partner, and convince them to date you. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. You will soon realize that you made the best choice ever and will promptly send me email after email thanking me for this life-changing advice.

Not convinced? Well, then let me tell you why dating someone who is totally weird is the best thing you could do for your dating life.

They will never let one fight be the same as the last.

Every human being on earth has a set of beliefs and opinions that will eventually clash with someone else’s. This will happen no matter what kind of relationship you are in. But dating someone who has this quality of total strangeness will never lead to the same fight twice. Why? Because their minds are always moving, the two of you are always moving. Every day is about something new.

They won’t ever drown you in expectations.

They don’t really expect anything. They just go with the flow. They like randomness and new adventures, and they aren’t willing to limit those things with the heavy weight of expectations.

They introduce you to your very own inner freak.

If you think you know everything about yourself, you haven’t dated someone who challenges every part of you. They will make you question all sorts of things about yourself, your choices and what you want in life. They push you to do whatever the hell you want to do. Whether it’s underwater basketweaving or dying your hair neon orange. Their silliness and uninhibited demeanor will rub off on you and give you the courage to release your freak.

They can never be replaced.

No one can replace that one really weird person in your life. No one can make you think, make you question the world or make you laugh like they can. They are just irreplaceable.

They won’t ever question you when you want to have your own adventure.

No one understands better than they do, the importance of having your own journey to grow. Sometimes we just need to go through things on our own to learn, experience or just get in touch with ourselves. They get it. They encourage it. They want you to believe in yourself as much as they do. That is a gift that will change your life.

They make you forget all about the outside world.

Nothing is as wonderful as the little weird world you have created together. They help you understand that the only world worth living in is the one you want to make for yourself. Nothing else matters. Nothing else exists.

They catalyze every creative interest you have.

Those dreams you never had the courage to pursue are the only dreams they want to talk about. The crazy adventures you want to chase are the only adventures they push you to go towards. Every idea you had that you felt like you couldn’t pursue, they will urge you to just that. They won’t ever let you push your interests aside, no matter how absurd or unreachable they might seem. They will hep you make them happen.

They won’t ever make you feel weird about your own weirdness.

They want you to show them everything that you hide from the world. They want to see your weird routines and quirky mannerisms that you are too embarrassed to reveal in public. So let loose, they won’t make you feel weird about it.

They are always worth the drama.

So you might find them pissed off at you for sitting on their favorite Pokemon of all time, or for not remembering that they love pizza without the sauce (in which they will make you remove all of the sauce and proceed to put the rest of the toppings back on) but they are well worth the drama. This keeps your life interesting and always entertaining. Sometimes it’s just more entertaining after the fact.

They will teach you to laugh it off.

They show you how to let loose and not take life too seriously. They give you a new perspective that will help you laugh instead of stress and find humor in what you used to find embarrassing. Life is too short to take everything seriously, so why do it? Learn to laugh whenever you can, you will find much more happiness that way.

They are the best sexual partners ever.

A freak between the sheets, if you must. They want their spontaneity and uninhibited demeanor to shine through especially in the bedroom. They are down to try whatever.