For years, people have been judged by their choices in alcohol at the bar.

Beer drinkers are rednecks, wine drinkers are the people who think they’re better than everyone else, daiquiri drinkers are sissies and the whiskey drinkers are the ones who fight, smoke cigarettes and curse like sailors.

Elite Daily

Stop judging people. Okay, I admit, even I have a hard time getting past the whiskey drinker sitting at a table with the Cabernet drinkers. For whatever reason, they make me nervous. Or they did, anyway. But why? And am I the only one who got nervous when winked at by someone holding a glass of bourbon? I mean those people are the ones who are really hardcore, right?

Wrong! Yes, whiskey is more of a hardcore choice, a bit more…masculine, if I may. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the ones sporting it should be any less dateable than the ones who aren’t. In fact, they should be the ones you want to date. Let me tell you why.

1. They can handle their alcohol.

This is a must. I’m sorry, but I never want to be at a work party or my mom’s birthday celebration and be embarrassed by my other half trying to pee in the bushes (and failing miserably). Having to babysit the girl, or guy (even more embarrassing I think, but maybe not) you take out by monitoring how much they have to drink sucks the fun out of going out. However, if they are ordering whiskey, chances are they can handle their alcohol pretty well already.

2. They are confident.

Everyone knows that the person drinking whiskey in a room full of beer or cosmo drinkers will probably get more sideways glances. But they don’t care. They know what they want and who they are and aren’t uncomfortable when people stare at them for embracing it.

3. They don’t half-ass anything.

When they go out, they want to have fun. They load up on their favorite whiskey and do exactly what they came out to do. No amount of weird glances or lack of texts from their latest crush can hinder their night. They go all out in getting what they want. This applies to other areas in their lives too.

4. They’re provocative.

Nothing is a greater turn off than going out for a night ready to party it up only to find your date stressing over what they want at the bar. They don’t know what they like so they just ask for a white wine and stand awkwardly in the corner until they get a buzz. Ugh.

Something is just sexy about someone who can throw back some shots and walk away like it was no big deal.

5. They are deep thinkers.

For some reason, whenever I think of whiskey I picture a troubled writer sitting underneath a dim-lit lamp at two in the morning scribbling down a brilliant idea that their drunken state of mind came up with. This is a total stereotype and though many great writers drank, I don’t credit any of their great ideas to alcohol.

However, people who drink outside of social outings seem to have a reason that runs rather deep. These people tend to have more insight and ideas about the world and how it works.

6. They are more mature.

Whiskey has that aged flavor that makes it a mature choice. Mature choices come from mature people. Most likely, someone who has been drinking whiskey for a while won’t get sloppy drunk and make a spectacle of themselves. They don’t laugh at those dumb sex jokes or think it’s funny to video the fat guy dancing. They honestly just want to have a good time, no immaturity involved.

7. They like the finer things.

People who drink whiskey could get drunk fast by ordering a few cheap shots of vodka. That’s not what it’s about. It’s the drink they appreciate and are willing to pay more for. There’s nothing like a glass of fine liquor to get them excited.

8. They aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves.

I don’t want to continue the stereotyping here and say that whiskey drinkers are antisocial or short-tempered, but I do believe they don’t take people’s crap. Someone who doesn’t mind the sideways stares or the few extra dollars it costs to have their whiskey isn’t likely to put up with someone else’s rudeness.

9. They are rather emotional.

Thanks to the whiskey. At first whiskey drinkers may seem a little rough, but like most people, once you get past the rough exterior, you will see that they are much more sensitive than you thought. They are people like everyone else after all, and though they may not care what other people think about their alcohol choice, they have feelings and passions just like the rest of us.

10. They’re total badasses.

Whiskey drinkers didn’t come by this reputation for no reason. There is truth to it! If the last 9 reasons didn’t prove this point already, then I don’t know what will. Maybe getting in touch with your wild side and having a few shots of whiskey?