Don’t give weight to other people’s opinions


Life is far too short to care about what other people of you. You may have spent years – if not decades – worrying about how you’ll be perceived by others… but no more. Cast those inhibitions aside and know that people’s opinions of you are just that – opinions. Those with a free spirit live an authentic life based on trusting their own words, thoughts, and actions.

Get nurtured by nature


Nature is the greatest teacher for those who are willing to learn. Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, the blossoming of a flower, or the power of patience, nature is the gift that keeps on giving. Research shows that people who immerse themselves in nature are happier, calmer and have better cognitive skills – all a great toolkit for crafting a carefree outlook.

Learn a new skill


Learning a new skill is a fantastic way of throwing caution to the wind. When we study a new talent, we inevitably fail at times – but we learn from these mistakes. Keeping an open mind like this while doing something purely for yourself can do wonders for your mental state.

Get creative


Doing something creative is the quickest, purest way of accessing your inner spirit. Whether it’s writing poetry, painting or taking up a pottery class, artistic expression is proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, improve energy levels and process past trauma. Accessing your inner artistry is a foolproof way of expressing your emotions in a positive, productive manner.

Look into mindfulness


As you get older, you begin to realize that the only person you truly have is yourself, and that your mental state is worth caring for. Mindfulness is a new-age practice that primarily focuses on being in the present moment, observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Whether you do this through yoga classes, meditation or some method of your own, it’s worth exploring.

Live with a grateful heart


Gratitude is the key to happiness. Living life with a grateful heart will not only improve your day-to-day life, but it’ll also teach you how to live with a free-spirited mindset. Whether it’s being thankful for the small things like a beautiful sunrise, or for the more important things like the love of your family, it helps to make a point of feeling grateful.

Embrace your inner child


Your inner child never truly goes away. It’s a part of our subconscious mind, soaking up every experience we’ve ever had. Turn inwards and process any trauma you may have experienced when you were younger, freeing yourself from the mental shackles you’ve been blindly carrying around your whole life.

Look after your body


We only have one body, so we need to take care of it. Though your bones may be beginning to ache and your energy levels aren’t what they once were, that’s no excuse to hide yourself away from the world. Get out there and live your life to the fullest! Treat your body like the temple it is, and it’ll reward you tenfold.

Travel to different places


The world is your oyster, so go and explore! It’s no good working your whole life and missing out on all that the world has to offer. Make a list of everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go, everything you’ve wanted to see, and make plans to tick those things off. You’ll feel more fulfilled, and become a more well-rounded person because of it.

Try new things


As we get older, we tend to get stuck in our ways, sticking to our tried-and-tested routines. Mix up your habits: try different, exotic foods, join a tennis class or something else you never in a million years thought you’d be any good at. You may be surprised at just how much you enjoy it.