Now please understand that we were hesitant in posting this. Our purpose for this post is to help all of us to appreciate our life and how good it really is. We are going to talk about 8 things that is sure to squeeze a couple of tear out of you.


1. After the incident at Sandy Hook this poor lady gets a call about her sister who was one of the teachers had been killed.

1. The sister of a a teacher at Sandy Hook learns that she was killed.

2. A little boy is given the U.S. Flag at his father’s  funeral who was a soldier and died in combat.

2. A little boy is given the U.S. flag at his soldier father's funeral.

3. This pup refuses to leave his dead master’s grave and even stayed for many hours.

3. A dog stays on the grave of his deceased owner. He was there for hours.



4.  A family in Moore, OK. walks away from their destroyed house.

4. An injured family walks away from their destroyed neighborhood in Moore, Oklahoma.

4. This lady collapses at her fallen brother’s grave.

5. The sister of a fallen soldier collapses at his grave.

5. This young lady breaks down and mourns for the Boston Marathon bombing.

6. A girl mourns the loss of those in the Boston Marathon.

6. A student cries for help as one of her friends lays there dead.

7. At Kent State University in 1970, the friend of a killed student cries for help.


8. This man mourns for the loss of his son from the 9/11 bombing.

8. This man kneels at the 9/11 memorial over the loss of his son.