Nailed It


Intriguingly, someone has taken nail art to the next level by adorning each nail with full bottles of Fiji water. The intricate detailing and flawless execution are commendable, but the choice of Fiji bottles leaves us puzzled. Is there a hidden meaning or a newfound Fiji fandom? It’s a bewildering sight that has us scratching our heads in confusion.

Flick the Switch


We’re all familiar with those classic men’s and women’s restroom signs, universally recognized for indicating which bathroom to use. It’s understandable that creative designers might want to add a touch of novelty and make them more interesting. However, did it have to get this interesting?! We’re not sure if we could ever gather the courage actually to flip these switches, especially the one for men. It’s definitely an awkward situation!

Tattooed Tootsies


Don’t you find it frustrating when you invest in a stunning pair of shoes that gradually lose their color and shine over time, forcing you to discard and replace them? Well, here’s a handy hack: why not get a tattoo of your favorite shoe directly onto your feet, ensuring the design stays intact forever? Hmm… we can actually think of several reasons why that might not be the best idea.

See-Through Loo


Oh my goodness! When we step into a bathroom, we naturally expect a certain level of privacy to handle our business without prying our eyes comfortably. While we prioritize solid walls and a lockable door, it seems someone had a different idea. Behold the super modern toilet that allows you to see everything happening inside. Well, thanks but no thanks!

Use Your Head


This is undeniably a clever concept, but we can’t help but feel a bit unsettled by it. While the helmet serves its purpose by safeguarding the head and providing support, its uncanny resemblance to an actual head gives us the heebie-jeebies. Is it truly a hard hat or simply a soft, squishy head? Our brains struggle to process what we’re witnessing here. It’s just too bizarre.

For Judy’s Sake


We’re familiar with the saying, “Only God can judge me,” and in a way, it holds true for all of us. However, we can’t overlook the influential judgment displayed by everyone’s beloved TV justice, Judge Judy. While we understand the sentiment behind this statement, we believe it’s more fitting for a bumper sticker or fridge magnet than a permanent tattoo on human skin—just a thought to consider.

Fishy Feet


Eww! When we thought things couldn’t get any worse with those peculiar foot-cleaning services involving tiny fishes nibbling away at our skin, here comes another horrendously dreadful attempt at merging feet and fish in ways they should never be combined. Seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to introduce fish-shaped shoes into the world? Is that even a thing? Please, leave me alone with this bizarre concept!

Poo Jewels


While we’re aware that toilet paper has gained significant importance since the pandemic struck in 2020, we wouldn’t dare go to such extremes as to claim it as a precious gem that sophisticated ladies would desire to wear as earrings. Absolutely not! We may all have a newfound appreciation for the value of toilet paper, but it certainly doesn’t belong as a sparkly accessory on our ears.

Cheeto Neato


Once again, we’re faced with a rather horrifying selection of nail art on this list. What is it about people getting creatively weird, rather than wonderfully weird, with their nail designs? We guess one advantage of having Cheeto-designed nails is that if you happen to indulge in too many Cheetos, you won’t ruin your manicure—only enhance it. Besides, you can never have too many Cheetos. It’s a win-win situation.