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When you meet a new partner it is an exciting and enjoyable time, and there is much to look forward to in the future. But, knowing how compatible you are is actually super important for the future, so these are some of the key questions you need to ask your partner to see if you are truly compatible.

Where do you see us in a year?

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This is better than “Where do you see yourself in five years?” because it is more immediate, and it illustrates whether your partner is serious about having a long-term future and relationship in the near future. It is also much easier to imagine where you will be in one year rather than five.

What are your life goals?

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Another important thing to ask your partner is what their life goals will be. This is important because of the fact that it can give you a snapshot of the plans and ambitions your partner has for the future, and you need to know about this because it is a great way of being able to gauge how compatible you are.

Do you want children?

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This is perhaps the biggest and most important question that you need to ask your partner, as it can determine the future of your entire relationship. If one of you wants children but the other one doesn’t, it is likely that this is going to cause issues in the relationship, and things are unlikely to work out.

How do you feel about marriage?

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Marriage is another essential that is a dealbreaker for a lot of people, and this is something that you need to know in ample time. There are so many things that you need to consider when you are looking to plan for your future together, and this is definitely one of the biggest that you have to keep in mind.

Where did you grow up?

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It is important to make sure you get to know your partner, and find out as much about them as you can. One of the first things to ask them is where they grew up, as this can give you a snapshot of their childhood. It’s also worth asking about their relationship with their parents as well.

What are your political viewpoints?

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Politics has never been so tribal as it is these days, and this is why it is really important for a lot of people to know their partner’s political stances. Knowing which side your partner supports is important for helping you determine whether this is something that you can be okay with or not.

Where is your favorite place you’ve visited?

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Understanding what your partner’s interests are, as well as their cultural experiences, is really important. And this is why you need to ask about where they may have visited before in their lives. This gives you an idea of their interests, as well as providing ideas and inspiration for travel as well.

Do you have plans to be on the property ladder?

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Getting on or being on the property ladder is important and can make a big difference to your life long-term. This is why you need to know if your partner is on the property ladder, or if they have plans to be. It’s important to sit down and talk about your living situation, and what you might do together in the future.

What do you like about being in a relationship?

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Gauging what your prospective partner likes about being in a long-term relationship can tell you a lot about your compatibility. If you both share similar reasons for wanting to be in a relationship, then this is a hugely positive indicator for the future; thus speaking to them was the right choice.

What are your values?

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A person’s values say a lot about them and how they live their life, and this is why you need to know this. Discussing shared values and beliefs is great, and it can help you to figure out how much you have in common. This is an important question to ask your potential spouses ASAP, so you know you’re on the same page.