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Pinocchio (2002)

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Of all the different versions of Pinocchio, the 2002 take is undoubtedly the worst. Described as an “unfunny, poorly-made, creepy vanity project”, this is one remake that’s worth steering well clear of. Whilst still not a great rating, audiences scored the movie a fair bit higher, however, with an average of 33%.

The Nutcracker in 3D

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Even the distraction of 3D couldn’t prevent this movie from being a hot mess. Taking the classic Yuletide tale and giving it a Holocaust motif is a strange choice, to say the least. Equivalent to a lump of coal on Christmas Day, The Nutcracker is universally panned by both critics and audiences alike.

The Queen’s Corgi

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Even kids’ movies have to be held to some kind of standard, a standard that The Queen’s Corgi falls dismally short of. The lack of tasteful comedy results in the movie becoming like a dog’s dinner – bland and uninspired. The audience score was surprisingly high compared to the critics’, finishing up at a generous 38%.

National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers

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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a festive classic, watched by thousands of families every year. What a disappointment, then, the 16th installment turned out to be. With a tragic theatre run of only one week and a dismal critical reception, the movie is ranked as the 11th worst movie of all time. Yikes.


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Critics described the 2007 slasher flick Scar as a “nasty, witless, and unoriginal entry into the torture porn canon with hopeless acting and a waste of modern 3D technology”. Ouch. A movie that critics and audiences can both agree on – the film has a meager 11% audience score.

Hard Kill

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Even Bruce Willis couldn’t save this movie from becoming a total disaster. Critics despised the action flick, despite it becoming the top-streamed movie on Netflix for several weeks. Audiences gave it a whopping score of 59%, the general population enjoying it as nothing more than a good old-fashioned action movie.

Staying Alive

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Did you know that Saturday Night Fever had a sequel? If not, it’s probably best to remain in blissful ignorance! Critics claimed that “Staying Alive isn’t just a disappointment – it’s a disgrace”. Despite being universally hated, the movie earnt $127 million at the box office – a tidy sum considering the film’s budget was $22 million.

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

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Another sequel, another disaster. The fourth movie in the franchise is considered the weakest of the bunch, with critics stating that the film “sends a once-innocuous franchise plummeting to agonizing new depths”. Despite the hatred, the movie went on to earn $76,819,000 worldwide, relying on the previous three movies’ quality.

Jaws: The Revenge

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With 41 reviews, Jaws: The Revenge ended up with the lowest score possible on Rotten Tomatoes: 0%. Ouch. The audience score doesn’t fare much better either, with over 50,000 ratings coming to a total of 15%. As the fourth film in the series, Jaws: The Revenge shows that not every movie needs to be turned into a franchise.

The Ridiculous 6

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The Ridiculous 6 is so ridiculous it can barely be described as a parody. Critics stated that the 2015 flick is “must-avoid viewing for film enthusiasts”. Despite this, Netflix claimed that the movie had been viewed more times in 30 days than other film in Netflix history, hitting #1 in every territory Netflix operates in. The power of Adam Sandler prevails once again.